15 People Who Transformed Themselves Beyond Imagination


15 People Who Transformed Themselves Beyond Imagination: Transforming yourself is a difficult task and those people who it deserve recognition. They took control of their lives, defeated bad habits, and changed beyond recognition. We salute these brave men and women who went through hardship to make themselves better.

1.Changing your life is easy when you have a partner. These girls are best friends and their friendship helped them to defeat all odds.


2.This girl deserves all the praises. She was overweight all her life.  She lost 99 pounds after deciding to change her life.


3.Working out gives you a great body and a lot of confidence. She wore this cute dress to work after losing 50 pounds. She is even preparing for a half marathon.

4.Losing 160 pound is no joke but this lady here did he miracle. She even ran in her 3rd marathon in 23 days.

5.Working out has helped this beauty to conquer anorexia and maintain her beautiful appearance.

6.Eating better and exercise is the only way to lose weight. This couple did that for a year and lost a lot of weight. He lost 105 pounds and his wife lost 61 pounds.

7.Have you met anyone who has lost 295 pounds in a decade? This man has. If he can do it you can transform yourself too.

8.Counting your calories and weight lifting rather than binge drinking makes you lose weight and maintain fabulous figure. This girl is another example who took the positive lifestyle.

9.This girl lost 140 pounds in just 11 months. She used weight 370 pounds but now her goal is to weight just 140 pounds. She is confident that she will make it.

10.Every day in life is a new adventure if you are fit enough. This girl lost 85 pounds and gained a new life.

11.Alcohol gives you temporary happiness but good health will make sure you are happy in the long run. This guy didn’t take alcohol for a year and lost 53 pounds.

12.You need lot of mental strength to lose 193 pounds. This girl did this in just two years.

13.Losing weight as a couple is easier as partners can provide each other mental support. This couple here lost combined weight of 180 pounds.

14.She ran every day in any weather and her determination rewarded her with a weight loss of 100 pounds in three years.

15.She lost a lot of weight. First it dropped to 198 pounds from 279 pounds and later to 145 pounds. She is so proud for her achievement.