The life and work of an actor isn’t that easy as it seems, it involves a lot of hardwork, dedication and focus. Every role comes with a new challenge to them. They have to go through a lot of pain to get into the shoes of the character they play.

Here are some of the tricks and techniques our actors implies to get into the skin of the character, have a look:


1.Identifying or relating with the lifestyle of the character:


Our actors have to study the whole and soul of the character, they are going to play. They have to dive in the roots of the characters. If any character has a negative shade, the actors has to agree and believe in the character.

To nail the character they play, they isolate themselves and spend a lot of time alone to understand the depth of the character. They start seeing the world with the eyes of the character.

2.Jumping into a new reality:

Our actors have to learn the act of living in two realities, one being his own and the other being the character they are going to play. Our actors have to divert their minds from their own personal problems and start living the problems of the character they play.

3.Recalling a memory:

Before filming any scene, our actors recall their own personal happy and sad memories, so that they can actually carry the mood the script demands.

4. Learning the art of facial expressions:

Our actors have to lean the art of facial expressions. From going happy to sad within seconds, our actors have the pressure of nailing each and every expression. They also go through the warm up for facial muscles.

5. Meditation:

Meditation helps in keeping the mind calm, which is very important to give the best shot.

6. Comfort:

Our actors have to make themselves comfortable with every scene of the movie. You can’t look awkward when millions of people are watching you on a big screen. Hence, the environment on set is kept very friendly.

7. Watching movies for reference:

Everyone have to study and prepare hard before the examination. Our actors take a lot of reference from the other movies and documentaries so that they can learn new things and expressions.

8. Techniques for kissing scenes:

Ever wonder why kissing in reality doesn’t look as magical as it looks on screen? Well, the film makers and our actors use a lot of techniques before filming a kissing scene. There are times, when our actors doesn’t want to do a kissing scene but the script demands them to do. Hence, the makers have to set the camera angles in such a way that an illusion can be created. Apart from this, lot of work also goes on the hands and lip placements to create the magic that we see on screen.

9. Techniques for intimate scenes:

Well, like kissing there are so many techniques used for intimate scenes as well. From body make-up to wearing flesh toned underwears, our actors go through a lot to make the intimate scene look hot and steamy on screen. Apart from this, the intimate scenes are filmed around a lot of people, so they have to make up their mind too before romancing anyone on screen.

10. Menthol crystals for crying:

When the script demands the actors to cry, our actors uses menthol crystals while shooting for crying scene.

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