These Are The 10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Female Soldiers


We have known about warfare for as long as we have known History. Be it between nations, tribes or even individual conflicts there have been ‘n’ number of wars in the history.

Today, almost every nation has a specialized force that is working for the protection of their respective countries. While on one hand we wish that there was no need of any force at the other hand, we don’t see peace anywhere in the world.


But if we look back at the pattern of wars and forces, everything changed, from war tactics to weapons, but one thing remained constant and that was the dominance of men in these forces.

But now like every other field, women have taken over this world as well. While the world still consider women only for beauty and looks, women have enrolled themselves in forces and are ruling here as well.


Here, we bring you a list of the countries that have the most beautiful women in them. Have a look:

10. USA :

When it comes to the powerful armies in the world, America tops the list. USA tops in every area of military there is, from its weapons to technology to size, or skills, USA has it all and that too best! But you might not be aware that there is another department they specialize in, and that is their military women. The US Army has one of the most beautiful women warriors. They have 2,00,000 women operating in the army. They are beautiful but deadly.

9. The Czech Republic :

While joining the military is a mandatory service for men in the Czech Republic, it is still a voluntary service for women. The involvement of women started in 1980s but women have still managed to take upon combative roles in their military.

8. Britain:

There was a time that the army of Britain was the most powerful, they could conquer any country they wanted. They even did that, at some point of time, they were ruling almost more than half of the world.

After the world war 2, due to the shortage of women in military in army, women were urged to get enrolled in the military. And then there was no turning back, this opened the door opportunity for the women in Britain to join military. Currently, 12,000 women are operating in the British army and the number is increasing day by day.

7. Serbia:

Serbia is one of the country who believed that military is made for men only. But now it’s changing. Recently, women have started enrolling themselves in the military.
6. Spain:
Spanish women have taken over everywhere, from modelling to acting and now to military as well. There are 16,000 women now in military forces and the best part is they all are combat trained.
5. Greece:
Greece is filled with History and it’s culture. Greece women are known for their beauty and looks, now, the women are taking over the forces as well. But the enrollment of women in forces is not forced or mandatory its still voluntary.
4. Israel:
30% of the military in Israel consists of female. They are given the same training and responsibilities as the men, giving them equal rights at the battlefield.
3. Sweden:
Sweden is a very small country because of which they do not have a huge force, therefore, the number of women are comparatively lesser than any other country.
2. Romania:
The women in Romania are very attractive and sexy. Every women in their army from low rank to the top post is a drop dead beautiful.
1. Russia:
Russia is the country who has always pushed it’s women to join the military. Around 150000 women are there in the military and the number is growing day by day. The Russian Army even holds a Miss Russian Army Beauty Contest, to attract more men and women to join the military.
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