These 12 Famous Celebs Looked Like Nerds In Their Childhood


Well, they say beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways but no one looks good in their childhood pictures. Don’t you agree? Don’t we just hate some of our ugly childhood pictures but still memories are memories, ugly or beautiful and we cherish them forever.

Here, we bring you some childhood pictures of popular celebrities that will make you look twice and will make you wonder about their amazing transformation.Have a look:

  1. Guess who is this cute nerd?

Well, she is none other than Ariana Grande.


2. Guess who is this young basketball player?

He is Joe Manganiello. Who would have thought that this weird nerd will turn into this?

3. Guess who is this confused girl?

She is Scarlett Johansson.

4. Guess who this handsome nerd is?

He is Channing Tatum.


5. You’ll be shocked to know who this guy is.


He is Craig David. Have a look at his transformation.


6. Look at this adorable nerd! Guess who she is?


Well, She is Demi Moore.


7. Guess who is he? Hint, he is everyone’s favorite:


He is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


8. Guess who this cute nerd is?


She is none other than, Kate Middleton.


9. Guess who this weird nerd is?


She is Goldie Hawn.


10. You can guess this one.

He is Mathew Lewis. Look at him now.

11. Guess who is he?

He is none other than Ryan Reynolds.


12. You know him! Come’on everyone knows him.

He is Eminem.


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