From designer outfits to luxurious homes to expensive cars, famous and rich people from all around the world are popular for their grand lifestyle.

Today we will tell you some features or facts about the unique and expensive car of President Donald Trump. Well this car tops all the cars you might have ever seen. The car is called “The Beast” because of the size and built-in features.

Have a look at 10 unique facts about President Trump’s car:

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1. Donald Trump owns 12 such cars :

Yes, 12 such cars. This car is manufactured by GM (General Motors). They made 12 similar cars for President Trump. They are mostly used when President Trump travels, one car is always waiting at the destination already. Some cars are used at the same time in case of receiving any VIP guests. Because of the huge size of the car, this beast has a diesel engine.

2. Body of “The Beast” :

The designers of “The beast” have used the designs of Cadillac but with a bigger frame. The body of this car is similar to that of a military-grade armor. This car possesses a body which comprises of 5-inch think plating of stainless steel, titanium, ceramic and aluminum. All these features makes this car “bullet-proof”.

3. Bulletproof Windows:

Yes, windows of “The Beast” are Bulletproof  excluding the driver’s window, which can only open only three-inches while all the other windows of the car are completely sealed. The glass used in windows comprises of glass and 5 layers of Polycarbonate which makes it safe and strong enough to bear an explosion and armor-piercing bullets.Furthermore, the windshield can stand 44 magnum or armor-piercing bullets, which makes it completely safe for President to travel.

4. Extra Thick Doors:

You’ll be surprised to know that the doors of “the Beast” are similar to the doors of a Boeing 747, 8 inches dense. The density and thickness of the doors keep the President Trump completely safe from any biological and chemical attack. Like Windows, doors are sealed in such a way that nothing can penetrate its way in the car.

5. Super-Strong Tires:

The tires of “The Beast” have a special Kevlar coating on the top. This coating prevents the tires from bursting and from punctures. Under the tires, there are metal rims, in case of a tire bursts, which helps the car to move easily even without tyres.

6.Super-protected fuel tank :

In most of the accidents, the fuel tanks bursts afterwards but in case of the beast, the fuel tank is protected by an armor plating which protects the fuel tank from bursting. Also, there is a special foam on the fuel tank which protects the fuel tank and the beast from any kind of damage.


7.The Vehicle is fully armed :

In case of any worst situation, the beast is fully armed and has complete supplies of weapons. The car contains tear gas launcher, shotguns, night vision goggles, and firefighting equipment, along with that, a gun is hidden behind the front frille. And if that wasn’t enough, one of the 12 cars contain a Gatling gun as well. Yes! you read that right.

8.State-of-the-art technology:

President Trump’s car consists of highly advanced technological equipment which allows the President to stay in touch with the Pentagon and his Vice President. Alongwith that, “The Beast” is equipped with night visions cameras, satellite phones and GPS tracking.

9.Lifesaving emergencies:

President Trump’s beast is equipped with oxygen supply which will be thrown into the cabin of the car, in case of a toxic gas leak. With that, there are two sets of Blood supplies which actually matches with the blood type of President Trump if in any case, a blood transfusion is required immediately.

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10.The driver is a pro:

Well, in any case you thought the driver will be an ordinary driver then you are wrong. Normally, the drivers of rich people are really good at defensive driving. But in case of Donald Trump, the driver is a pro, he have knowledge and training of driving the car offensively. The driver needs to be an expert at driving and tackling situations in any emergency.

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