In the History, country’s or kingdom’s flag  played a major role at the time of war and in fact in daily life as well. A person belongs from which Kingdom or country, a territory starts from which part, flags played an important part.

Even now, a country’s national flag has it’s own value, it’s own aura. Such is the beauty of our National flag, we feel proud of our nation whenever we look at our Tricolor.


But it takes a lot when it comes to designing the national flag of any country. A lot of things have to be taken into consideration, from religious philosophy to political resemblances to color combination and all these things have to be designed on a rectangular cloth.

And because of that there are so many countries which have similar flags for their country. Have a look at some of these countries:



The state flag of Netherlands was adopted in 1937, while the flag of Luxembourg was adopted in 1830.The difference in both the flags is of the shade of red and blue.


Australia was a former British colony, therefore, it features the Union Jack and it even has a large white seven-pointed star known as the Commonwealth Star. The flag of New Zealand also has a Union Flag in the canton and four red stars with white borders on the right. Both of the flags are so similar that an actual attempt was made to change the design but however, it failed.


Irish Tricolor is a vertical tricolor of green, white and orange, while it’s in reverse order in the flag of Ivory Coast. The colors chosen by the Ivory coast represent their alliance with Niger.



These three flags have one thing in common, that is the triband of blue color in the top and bottom and white in the middle. The national flag of Argentina consists of the sun in the middle. The national flag of Honduras, consists of 5 stars in the middle. The national flag of Nicarargua is inspired by the Federal Republic of America.


Both of these flags have the red and white strips in common. The difference lies in the cornet. While USA’s national flag consists of 50 stars in the cornet, on the other hand Malaysia’s flag represents the Islamic religion, which is the official religion of the country.


Both of these flags have the same colored triband but the national flag of Mexico consists of the national coat of arms charged in the center of the white stripe.


All five of these country’s national flag represents the Pan-Arab colors that denotes the unity of the Arab nations. In the middle of the Iraq’s flag, “Allah-u-Akbar”, while the flag of Syria has undergone many changes over all these years, because of the ongoing civil wars. The national flag of Egypt has Eagle of Saladin in the middle of it, while the flag of Sudan has a green colored triangle at the hoist.


Qatar has changed it’s national flag’s color from red to purple, declaring it’s independence from the British. The national flag of Bahrain is very similar in design to the Qatar’s, only difference in both these flags is that the flag of Bahrain has only 5 points.


The national flag of Monaco and Indonesia are exactly same in design, only the shade of red is different.


Yes, both of these flags have the same color but the flag of Niger has different shades of orange and green. Also, our Indian tricolor has 24 stripes in the middle while the Niger’s flag has an orange symbol to represent the sun.

Looks like, these countries have copy-pasted the flag designs of other countries.

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