There Are 10 Counties Where Apple iPhones Are Cheaper Than In India


iPhone 8 and 8 plus have started their sales in India and the Apple loyalists are sure to have prepared their pockets ready for owning their dream gadget.

iPhone is supposed to have increased customers in India considerable over the past few years. People have taken to rope in Apple gadgets and stick to them in all possible segments that Apple holds for them. iPhone being the flag-bearer among them.


Considering the loyalist it is expected that very soon there would be shortage of supply. iPhone 8 costs around Rs.86,000/- in India. iPhone X, the next big thing in this segment  is expected to cost in the range of Rs.89,000/- to Rs.1.02 lacs.


Well, true it is, though the fact of the matter is that this is expected to cost much more in India than in other countries, even to the extent that one may plan an exclusive trip abroad to buy the iPhone X. Here are the prices of iPhone X in few other countries:-

Hong Kong 


The iPhone costs HK$ 8,588 – HK$ 9,888, which would convert to cost in between Rs.70,500 to Rs.81,100. That’s some price less to be thought about.


 The iPhone costs between US$ 999 – US$ 1,499 – which is around Rs.64,000 to Rs.73,700. Well, seems America’s calling.


 The iPhone costs between 999 pounds – 1,149 pounds, costing around Rs.84,600 to Rs.97,300. One may even think of taking a trip to Europe.


 The iPhone costs between AU $ 1,579 – AU $ 1,829 costing between Rs.81,000 to 93,800. Travelling down under also makes worth it.


 The iPhone costs around $1.410 costing between Rs.92,372.

New Zealand

 The iPhone costs between NZ$ 1,799 to NZ$ 2,099 costing between Rs.83,500 to Rs.97,400


 The iPhone costs between CNY 8,388 – CNY9,688 costing between Rs.82,100 to Rs.95,000.


 Buying an iPhone X would be a good enough reason to visit Dubai with a chance to visit its desert and get a first-hand view of the exotic constructions of the sky scrapers, not to be seen anywhere else in the world as it costs AED 4,099 to AED 4,729 costing between Rs.71,600 to Rs.82,600.


The iPhone costs around $1,387 which is around Rs.90864 in the Russian country


 The so called most expensive country in the world would also be selling the iPhone X at $1,224 which would be costing around Rs.80,186 – still worthy enough to travel to Singapore just to buy the iPhone X

So where are you planning to visit to buy you iPhone X