30 Stimulating Facts About Nikola Tesla


30 Stimulating Facts About Nikola Tesla:

 Nikola Tesla

“ Continuous opening of greater and newer prospects is one of the gratifying results of intellectual evolution. ” – Nikola Tesla

Born in Smiljan, Croatia on July 10, 1856 he is credited with various invaluable contributions to science, he is known for his aura of mystery, genius ideas, and his obsession with his work..

Here we lighten you up with 30 electrifying facts about Nikola Tesla:

Former workmates and rivals:

In 1884, Tesla arrived to Thomas Edison, as an engineer. Edison was known for developing direct current electricity. They soon parted ways as Tesla strived to develop alternating current.

Single for Science:

His devotion towards invention and scientific experimentation demanded all his time and he remained as a single man.

Hear it in the Radio:

The ‘Tesla Coil’ is still used in Radio technology.

All in the Genes:

Djuka Mandic, Tesla’s mother used to invent small appliances for home in her spare time. And the pull of science seemed stronger.

Lightening Storms:

Tesla was born during an intense lightning strike at midnight.

For Greater Good:

His ideas were to help humanity.

Setting off the world:

Light bulbs within 100 feet from the lab were said to glow even when turned off.

The polyglot:

He could speak 8 languages.

Future visions:

He conceptualized the wireless communications long back in 1901.

Those Pearls:

Aversion being strong, he refused to talk to women wearing Pearls.

Earthquake Machine:

Blamed for shaking building was Tesla’s high frequency oscillator.

Few conceptions:

Tesla spent a lot of time dreaming about advancements like X Ray Machines.

Nearly died:

Suffered of Cholera, Tesla nearly died when young.


He could memorize pages and images.


He holds over 3000 inventions

Through fire:

Suffered immense loss in 1895 when his lab and equipments were burnt.

Moving West:

In Colorado, he developed the Tesla Tower.

Power of Nature:

He built the first hydro electric power plant of the world.


17 years after his death, he was bestowed with honor by the ICEE.

Radio Power:

Revealed a Radio wave controlled Boat in 1898.

Man of light:

Created artificial light for his lab, which was said to be inexhaustible.

Not money:

He was not financially well because he never intended to earn profit.

Officially classified:

After his death, his equipments were seized by the government.

Compulsive behaviour:

He was obsessed with the number 3,6 and 9 and was highly insomniac.

Larger than life:

A 7 foot tall statue of Tesla is in Palo Alto.

National security:

Tesla’s tower was blown off from his Long Island for national security.

Help from Friends:

His good friends were Sierra Club and Mark Twain


Matthew Inman made an awesome comic about Nikola Tesla.

Twisted Tales:

Edison tried hard to proof that AC could be potentially dangerous.

Bright Eyes:

As a result of straining his mind too much, Tesla thought that his eyes changed colour to a light grey.

Information source: factinate.com