Mia Khalifa Shared Her ‘Birthday Wishlist’ And Twitterati Are Going Crazy. Can You Afford This?


Mia Khalifa has quit acting adult movies but she is still regarded as one of the most popular adult film actresses of all time. Mia has a huge fan following all across the world and she keeps interacting with her fans on social media.


Mia Khalifa has a huge follower base on social media and every time she posts a tweet or a picture on Instagram, thousands of her fans, followers and admirers reply and create a buzz out of it.

Recently, Mia Khalifa took to Twitter and reminded her fans and followers of her birthday, which is just around the corner. Mia knows how to stay in news with her social media following and she keeps the tabloids busy with her interesting and, sometimes, insulting tweets and comments.


On 5th February, Mia Khalifa reminded her followers of her birthday and shared her ‘wishlist’.

Have a look at her wishlist:

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Now, this is a surprising wishlist because it contains a lot of kitchenware. Mia feels that now after turning 25 and she needs to get in the kitchen and use these appliances. The list also contains of an engagement ring, a necklace, shoes and many more things.

And, here’s her followers, fans, lovers and admirers reacted: