Meet Emraan Hashmi’s Lookalike ‘Mazdak’ Who Is Very Famous In Pakistan


Emraan Hashmi is one of those very few actors who are ‘more’ famous for their kissing. Emraan became a household name in India after his ‘romantic boy’ performance in the movie Murder alongside Malika Sherawat, who also gained a lot of popularity.


In his Bollywood career so far, Emraan has given some very good acting performances and earned the love and respect of his fans. Many rate Emraan only as a ‘romantic’ star but he has given some solid performances in movies like Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, Kalyug, Shanghai and others.

These days, he is a bit out of action but we are hearing that he is working on a project and will be back soon on the silver screen. Meanwhile, for his fans, we have found Emraan Hashmi’s lookalike in our neighbouring nation Pakistan.

The name of Emraan Hashmi’s look-alike is Mazdak Jan and he hails from Pakistan’s Hayatabad, an area in Peshawar. Mazdak is very popular on social networking websites and people keep comparing his looks to that of Emraan Hashmi’s.

Recently, in an interview, Mazdak Jan said that he likes it when people come to take a selfie with him and want to talk to him because he looks like Emraan Hashmi. Mazdak also said that he enjoys all the attention and affection that he gets.

Let’s have a look at some of Mazdak’s viral pictures.

Emraan or Mazdak? We actually got confused. So much resemblance, bro.

And Mazdak has also become a celebrity. Look how dashing he is looking and so much like Emraan.

And, he knows how to pose, too.

Uncanny resemblance in this one.

And he can take good selfies, too.

This one is surely our favourite.

And this one is from sometime ago.