Meet 7 Most ‘Hot’ Royal Bachelors From All Around The World


We all are brought up as princesses by our father, isn’t it girls? Our fathers might not be as rich to be a King but he has made sure that we are treated no less than any princess. Our tiaras might not be visible to anyone around us, but we can see it in the eyes of our king.

Now, let’s just come back to reality, let’s just block that every guy who has treated us badly and has always taken us ‘for grantedly’.


For all the darling princesses, just for fun, to make up for those bad guys in your life, we bring you the 7 royal bachelors Princes from all around he world:

1. Crown Prince Hussein Of Jordan:


Oldest son of Queen Rania and King Abdullah II of Jordan, this 23-year-old is very handsome and no less than a Greek god, With that, he is the first one in line to the throne of king in Jordan. But he has an impressive education backing him up. Have doubts? This prince became the youngest person to chair a UN Security Council Session, he is a graduate from Georgetown University with a degree in International History. Well, he is here to bring the change it seems!

2. Crown Prince Hamdan Of Dubai:

This prince is 35 and seems like he has stopped ageing. The name of this man is. Sheik Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, but in short he is also known as Fazza.

Fazza is not just extremely hot but he is adventurous too, he loves skydiving, hiking, zip lining (google that out) and everything that revolves around adventures. He has more than 6 million followers on Instagram, go stalk him.

3. HRH Prince of Greece and Denmark:

This young and charming Prince is the son of King Constantine of Greece and Queen Anne-Marie of Denmark. He is graduated from Georgetown University. Although he is royal by blood and is a real Prince but Greece abolished monarchy years ago, so girls don’t expect any royal tags from him, just true love will work here! Also being rich, royal and hot he keeps his life discreet and simple.


4. Prince Constatine-Alexios of Greece and Denmark:

Prince Constatine-Alexios, also known as Tino is currently completing his education and is only 19-years-old but he is still worth your Instagram feed. He has got years ahead of him ladies! The Godfather of this youngest Prince is Prince William! Yes, you read that right.

5. Prince Sebastian of Luxembourg:

He is the youngest child of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa. This hot Prince is 25-years old and is not a social media buff and hardly attends any royal event. But he loves adventures and loves skiing, playing rugby and swimming.

6. Prince Joachim of Belgium:

Although, Prince Joachim is ninth in line to the throne of Belgium but he is currently a Navy officer in Belgian Navy. Girls, this handsome will sail you miles away from this world.

7. Prince Mateen of Brunei:

Prince Mateen is 25 and is hottest in this list. He is the walking face of ‘perfection’ and ‘sexiness’ in this world. Mateen is the forth son and tenth child of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.

Mateen belongs from a royal family worth 20 billion dollars but he is sixth in line to the throne. He loves playing polo and loves his dog, Tiger!

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