As we Indians believe that pairs are made in heaven. The bond of couples is for 7 births, but some couples are not fortunate enough, for them either the partner is wrong or the timing is wrong and because of that they have to file for divorce.

But today, we bring you a list of 10 celebrities whose marriage lasted less than 6 months, have a look:

  1. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander:

Britney Spears and Jason Alexander’s marriage lasted only for 55 hours, yes! only for a few hours.


Their story is no less than the story of a movie. In the year 2004, Britney Spears flew with her boyfriend Jason to Las Vegas during a wild New Year’s night out, the couple then hit up the Strip’s scandalous Little white wedding chapel and got married.

The next morning, when Britney Spears woke up and revealed about their marriage to her mother, everyone were shocked after learning about the wedding. And before anyone knew it, their marriage was revoked or canceled in the light of the fact that Britney Spears “needed comprehension of her activities, to the degree that she was unequipped for consenting to the marriage.”

Their marriage only lived upto 55 hours and then died.

2. Nicky Hilton and Todd Meister:

Their story is another Las Vegas mess. Yes this couple also got hitched in Las Vegas. Nicky Hilton married Todd Meister, New York cash supervisor at the Vegas Wedding Chapel.

After, a month and a half the couple got separated and then divorced.

3.Milla Jovovich and Shawn Andrews:

At the mere age of 16, the model and performer, Milla Jovovich got married to her confused boyfriend Shawn Andrews.

Their marriage lasted only for 2 months as Milla said that she got hitched with her boyfriend only to prove a point to her mother.

4.Mario Lopez and Ali Landry :

The couple’s wedding only lasted for two weeks. In 2014, Ali confessed that he was never in love with her and had to walk down the aisle anyway. He wrote: I had never addressed certain relationships, especially the truth and the handling of what happened in my first marriage,” he added “I got inebriated and a little too friendly with a young lady. When it was time to return home, lightning hit me with the truth: I wasn’t in love. But I walked down the aisle [anyway].”

5. Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas :

The couple only dated for a very less time of one and a half month before Drew peoposed her in Hollywood. They got hitched but their marriage life failed and it only lasted for 2 months.

6. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries :

Everyone had a lot of hopes from their marriage and everyone thought that there marriage was destined but however, their marriage only lasted for around 72 days.

7. Aaliyah and R. Kelly:

A storm of gossips were twirled when R.Kelly secretly married 15-year-old Aaliyah. The marriage was destined to broke. It only lasted for 3 months.

8.Colin Farrell and Amelia Warner :

The couple got married in Tahiti however their marriage immediately failed and they got divorced. Their marriage only lasted for 4 months.

9. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito:

Before Bradley became a big name, he was dating Jennifer Esposito. The couple dated for less than a year before they finally got married. Their wedding only lasted for 4 months.

10.Eminem and Kim Mathers :

The couple met when Eminem was only 15 years old and she was only 13 years of age. These teenage sweethearts had a long and wild relationship, they both got married to each other not once but twice.

The first marriage lasted for 2 years and the first one only lasted for four months.

Couples are surely made in heaven, but some chose to part ways on Earth, we guess. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.