It’s a well established fact that Mukesh Ambani is the richest Indian and is amply affluent. Not just in India but Mukesh Ambani is a global business tycoon who has leapfrogged even the most affluent personalities of some ultra developed nations. Perhaps there’s nothing in the world that this man can’t afford and he’s only getting richer each day.


As per the Robin Hood index which was curated in December 2017, Mukesh Ambani has a whopping net worth of 40.23 billion USD which speaks of his highly affluent stature.

India is a bizarrely populous nation and we’re perhaps heading to a population disaster. So, given how large India’s population is we’ve thought of a very interesting question.

For how long can Mukesh Ambani bear the expenses of the entire nation? How long would his bank balance last if he’s to run India all by himself? Like we said, it’s a very interesting question! Excited to know the answer?

Given how rich he is, Mukesh Ambani can run the nation all by himself for 20 days. The expenses of the entire nation sum up roughly to around 2 billion dollars each day. So, it’s just simple calculation that tells you that the business icon of India can run the country for 20 long days.

Now interestingly if Jeff Bezos from the Amazon is to run the entire US all by himself his worth would
evaporate in just 5 days. So, this is where Mukesh Ambani leaves behind Jeff Bezos.