Iceland Is Actually Offering Men $2000 A Month To Marry Their Women?


Technology and westernization has taken over our lives. If we look back at the lives of previous generation there’s a huge difference, in terms of socializing and lifestyle. A lot has changed.


There was a time when people used to sit in a common place and discuss things with each other, now we have Facebook and Instagram which has completely replaced the idea of socializing. There was a time when our parents used to narrate their love stories of arranged or love marriages to their children but if we take a quick sneak peek in to the future we will see parents telling their children how they met over tinder, how their love grew on Facebook and how they ended up marrying each other. Don’t you agree?


Recently, a news made headlines, that will shock you. Forget all these apps and social networking sites for finding love and luxurious life. According to that news, all you have to do is move to another place and get married with beautiful girl.

Yes, we know that sounds a little weird. A country called, Iceland, which is a small island situated in Europe. Iceland is famous for it’s landscapes, natural beauty and clean energy. But for men out here, there’s more to that beautiful place which is beautiful Icelandic women.

Yes, Iceland has one of the most beautiful women around the world. The women in Island are so beautiful that they are the desire of millions of men.And according to a news, Iceland is paying every foreign men $2000 to marry these beautiful women. Yes! you read that right.

You might be wondering why would the pay anyone to get marry ? Well, according to reports, Iceland has total population of 334,252 people in which the population of women is very large as compared to men, which has now caused an issue which every man dreams of.  The beautiful women of Iceland are left with no men to pursue.

Due to which the government of Island was willing to pay $2000 to every men willing to marry these women. No, that’s not all, the man will even get to choose the bride of his own choice. Sounds like a dream? To choose a women to spend your life with, getting married to her and even getting paid for it.

The news got viral in no time and men from every part of the world contacted the respective embassies for queries. And the number of men that contacted embassies was not a joke. People from every part and far across the world started inquiring if they could participate in this.

The numbers were so high that the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs could not even process all applicants and had to disregard some of the participants.

But things took a bad turn pretty soon. After watching the situation and the news, the women of Iceland started getting messages from unknown men from all over the world. Those men were practically strangers, but they chose to took matter into their own hands making the situation take an ugly shape. The Icelandic women like any other women would got annoyed by this behavior of men.

But the most important point every men forgot in the situation was that the Icelandic women actually had a choice of their own too, if they want to marry or not. So, the news wasn’t because of the desperation of women.


A popular youtube named Obimanji got quite fascinated about the news. Here’s what he thought about this whole matter:

Here’s a statement he said in the video:

“Perhaps the most prominent of our attention the story that it’s because of the high proportion of females than males have resorted government of that country to the solution is to grant $2,000 per month per immigrant marries Icelandic, and that the priority in this resolution will go to North Africa’s population (sic).”

And to make it worst,upon investigation, it was found that the news originated from The Spirit Whisperers, a north African blog which is famous for making hoaxes.

Sorry, to disappoint but the news was fake and it caused a lot of trouble to the Icelandic women. With that, another lie that was revealed was, the women are not more in number, you can check through reliable sources provided on Internet.

We are equally shocked as you are but most of the news in today’s world are hoaxes.

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