Boyfriend Gifted Her A Necklace, 18 Months Later She Found Something Hidden Inside It


Australian couple, Aina and Terry are very much in love and will get married in a couple of months. But the story is about a necklace that Terry gifted to his girlfriend as a symbol of their love. The necklace was not just beautiful but it also held a very special place in Aina’s heart as her boyfriend made that necklace on his own.


She always knew that this necklace was different but she never knew that she will get the biggest shock of her life because of this necklace, she never knew that something, this shocking, can be hidden inside that necklace.

Yes, that necklace had something hidden inside it that she found after 18 months of wearing that necklace religiously.

The necklace was gifted by Aina’s boyfriend during a trip, 18 months later they went again on a trip and her boyfriend showed the secret hidden inside the necklace.

Her boyfriend took the necklace back from her and broke it to open the necklace. Aina was surprised to see the weird behavior of her boyfriend and there was a diamond ring inside that necklace.

Well, Terry had made that necklace with his own hands and placed a diamond ring inside it. After 18 months, he proposed his girlfriend with the same ring for marriage. And she said ‘YES!”.

Must say, a very unique and romantic way to make your girl feel special. Weddings are the most important part of anyone’s life, Terry made it more wonderful with his intelligence.

The couple are now in love with each other more than ever and are all set to get married in a couple of months. We wish them all the best for their future life.