These Are The 13 Most Amazing Coincidences In The History Of Mankind


These Are The 13 Most Amazing Coincidences In The History Of Mankind:While all of us are very familiar with coincidences, there are certain ones which are quite hard to digest. There are certain coincidences which will just leave you questioning about the world. Here are 13 such coincidences.

The founder of Ferrari Enzo Ferrari died in 1988 and after a month footballer Mezut Ozil was born. Both of them look like twin brothers.


The Egyptian actress Zubaida Tharwat seems to have an identical face in Jeniffer Lawrence.


The incident of Titanic is exactly the same as described by Morgan Robertson in her novella Futility, which was penned down 14 years before the sinking.

George Handel and Jimi Hendrix are neighbours staying two houses and two centuries apart.

Hoover Dam and its construction took the life of George Tierney and his son Patrick Tierney and both of them died on December 20. Although both of them were not killed on the same day but the father was among the first to lose life and the son was among the lasts.

Two cars collided in 1895 in Ohio and at that time, these were the only two cars in the state.

Lincoln and Kennedy had peculiar similarities in their life regarding their election, death and fortune.

The coincidence in the arrangement of these graves of the first and last British soldier in the First World War was not a deliberate one. Both of them face each other with just a nominal distance.

The writing of Edgar Allan Poe in his book The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket had similar coincidence after 46 years, the name if the shipboy being the same.

There is a very strange coincidence that took place between two brothers riding in the same moped, hit by the same taxi drives carrying the same passenger- just a year apart.

It seems that the author of the book George Feifer indirectly helped the actor Anthony Hopkins for his role in the film he was starring, based on Feifer’s novel.

The names of the first and last most famous rulers of Rome are Romulus. Strange coincidence, isn’t it?

In the year 2000, The Simpsons created a show that made a casual joke about Donald Trump winning the election. Bur it indeed became true a few years back.