Ali Zafar And His Wife Were Once Kidnapped And They Paid Rs. 2.5 Million As Ransom. More Facts Here


Be his sensual voice or charming looks, Ali Zafar has never failed to make our hearts skip a beat. With his dancing, acting, singing and crafts with various instruments, Ali Zafar makes himself a perfect choice for every movie.

Since his first song, every girl was crushing over Ali Zafar, he became an overnight star. But what broke every girl’s heart was the fact that he was already married to his beautiful wife, Ayesha Fazli. Ali Zafar is madly in love with his beautiful wife.

Here, we bring you a lesser known love story of this beautiful couple and the story about their kidnapping:

Ali Zafar is a one multi-talented artist. Apart from singing, acting, dancing, creating music, he is a brilliant sketcher. Yes! He was only 8 years-old when he sketched his first comic book and then, there was no turning back. When he grew up he started working as a sketch artist in the lobby of a hotel to earn his living. And in the same lobby hotel, he met the love of her life. Yes he met his wife there in the hotel.

Ali Zafar posted this picture on his social media with the caption:

“Oct 2000 this girl came to get her portrait made from me at a hotel lobby where I used to sit to draw. Guess who is she now?”

Ali Zafar fell in love with Ayesha instantly.
After few years of being in relationship, the couple decided to introduce each other to their respective parents. Despite the huge fan following of Ali Zafar in Pakistan, Ayesha’s parents were not aware about Ali Zafar and they had never heard about him. Narrating his meeting with her parents he said:

“I was very lucky that my father-in-law was a big fan of music and movies. Actually, his dad used to make movies. Jab unse mila and he found out that I can sing, he was overjoyed. In fact, kya hua ki they didn’t know that we were dating. So unhone kaha ki chalo gaana-vaana karte hai, doston ko bulate hain. Unhone mera gaane suna hi nahi tha usse pehle. Toh ho sakta tha ki main bahut bura singer hota and woh sab log aa jaate. But that night I sang on a little keyboard and people were sitting till 4 am and all his friends enjoyed a lot. And then I remember charming her mother by making a big lifesize portrait of her. I still have that. They’re wonderful people.”

The Kidnapping:

It is a lesser known fact that Ali Zafar and his wife, Ayesha were once kidnapped! In 2008, while coming back from their romantic dinner on a Saturday night, the couple was kidnapped on their way back to home. Though the couple were released once their families paid a huge amount of Rs. 2.5 million as ransom , the identities of the kidnappers remain unknown till date

One Perfect Family!

Ali Zafar and Ayesha got married on July 28, 2009 in Lahore, Pakistan. Their wedding was a one gala affair and they both looked mesmerizing on their wedding day. In the year 2010 they were blessed with a baby boy, Aazan Zafar and five years later, in 2015 the couple was blessed with an adorable daughter, Alyza.

Undoubtedly, Ali Zafar has one perfect and adorable family.

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