A Bride In Pakistan Was Mercilessly Raped And Murdered By Her Husband On Their First Night


Be it in India or in Pakistan or any other part of the world, increasing crimes against women have shaken our believe on humanity. No matter how much we cry or ponder our eyes out, no matter how much candles we light or how many slogans we shout, some monsters will never become humans. We don’t know when will the women will stop getting treated the way they are now.


Recently, a 8 year old girl was raped in Pakistan and every part of Pakistan was under Protests, a similar incident happened with a 15 year old girl from Haryana. Believe us,there is a Nirbhaya in every street.


Recently, Fatima Sheerin, a Pakistani Twitter user and a doctor by profession, shared a chilling story which will give you goosebumps and will leave you speechless, and will make you think why people have become monsters in the guise of humans.

This is what she tweeted:


Unbelievable it is.The husband used iron bars to penetrate his newly wed bride on their first night which led to the death of the bride on the reception day.

One more important point was highlighted by Doctor, that parents don’t educate their children about sex and the results of which are sometimes disastrous.

We know what’s going inside your head right now. and the same was asked by a twitter user to Fatima about the legal proceedings against that pervert. But seems like he is forgiven by the father of that young bride.


This was enough to spark the fire inside Twitteratis and soon twitter was flooded with tweets showing their anger and hate towards the culprit. Have a look:

We don’t have enough words to show our anger towards this inhuman act by that pervert. May her soul res in peace.

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