Here’s How We Can Reach India To America In Just 42 Minutes


All of us who have traveled from India to America consider it one of the toughest flights because it takes hours and we get jetlagged at the end of the journey.

It is unavoidable as it is one of the longest distance flights. However, we might be able to drastically reduce the time in near future. Read on to find out how.


Currently we travel by covering the circumference of the round earth and it takes a lot of time. However if we dig a hole from one side till it reaches the other side, it would take lot less time to reach the other side of the planet.


Scientists have discussed this idea for half a century and they concluded that it would take 42 minutes and 12 seconds. This unique concept of drilling a hole through the center of the earth is known as ‘gravity tunnel’.  

It takes lot less time than the current time taken but it hasn’t been implemented yet as the earth is surrounded by gravitational force, it has high density, air resistance and temperature at the center of the earth is 6000 degree Celsius (10,800 F).

But if we want to implement the concept we have to be optimistic about it. Science is advancing at a rapid pace and in the future we can invent new technologies that can manipulate Earth’s gravitational force, air resistance, high density and can dig a hole and jump into it right from the center of the Earth withstanding 6000 degree Celsius.


It would reduce the travelling time drastically. If we refer maps we can see that if we dig a hole from Madhya Pradesh of India we will end up near South America in Pacific ocean. .