24 Lesser Known Facts About Paul Walker


24 Lesser Known Facts About Paul Walker: We lost Paul Walker on the sad day of November 30, 2013 in an unfortunate car accident. He was only 40 when he passed away.

We moved across his fourth death anniversary a few days ago. Here are 24 facts about him to help everyone remember this Hollywood actor and above that a kind hearted, generous human being:

  1. Family & Origin

Paul’s full name is Paul William Walker. His birthday is 12th September, 1973. Paul was the oldest among his 4 other siblings: Cody, Caleb, Amie and Ashlie. Paul’s father’s name is also Paul, interestingly enough. His mother, Cheryl, used to be a fashion model.

  1. Finding Nature’s Call

Paul was very interested in marine life. He completed his major in Marine Biology from a community college, after attending other colleges in Southern California. Paul was known to be a huge fan of renowned Marine Biologist Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

  1. Friends with A Shark

He did not only get a degree in Marine Biology. He also put his knowledge to proper use. Paul was a member of the board in Billfish Foundation and helped in catching and tagging seven Great White Sharks during his 11 days long program Expedition Great White with the National Geographic.

  1. He Started at an Early Age:

Paul did his first casting, as a baby for a Pampers diaper commercial. We knew he had talent.

  1. Runners’ Up

His interest in acting was always immense. In the 1988’s game show “I’m Telling”, he participated along with his sister and without surprise came out with a second position.

  1. You Need to Have Faith

Paul was a believer. He said that he could not understand atheists, and could not believe the beautiful nature surrounding us was possible without a God.

  1. He is Not Your Father

Paul was rejected after audition on the role of Anthony Skywalker as he was too old for the role.

  1. Duty to Resue

The Fantastic Four’s makers also considered Walker inthe role of Johny Storm.

  1. Work to Shine For

He is famous in the role in The Fast and Furious series, but he also worked in the late 90s and 00s in titles like The Skulls, Varsity Blues and She’s All That.

  1. Who Pablo?

Diesel affectionately used to call Paul, “Pablo”.

  1. Fast Lane

Having great interest for cars, he competed in the Redline Team Attack racing series. He joined the team AE Performance Team and he raced on a BMW M3 E92.

  1. He Knew, What to Do

His interest for cars is easily observable in the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious. He personally owned the car he ran in the film I.e., Nissan Skyline R34. Moreover, the helped the crew to pick all the other cars in the film.

  1. It’s in the Blood:

Walker’s paternal grandfather was a boxer went by the name “Irish Billie Walker”.

  1. Good People Die Young

Paul’s unfortunate accident also took his friend and driver Roger Rodas’s life. Investigation in 2014 revealed high speed driving of the Porsche Carrera GT with 9 years old tire in 45 zones.

  1. A Proper Send Off:

Walker’s brothers Cody and Caleb with other body doubles stepped in his role in Fast and Furious 7 to give a proper send off to their beloved brother and coworker. “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa, played at the end of the film as a tribute to Walker.

  1. Friends Devastated

Co-star Gibson and Diesel went to the site of accident. They thanked everyone who came over, while Gibson completely broke down.

  1. He Reached the Stars

Walker rests in peace with Michael Jackson, John Ritter, Carrie Fisher and many other exceptionally valuable souls at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

  1. Bigger Heart Than Wallet:

While shopping, once Paul offered to pay for the ring of a US military veteran’s wedding ring.

  1. Embarrassed with Own Performance:

He never watched his films, though he attended all the premiers.

  1. Spending Time with Daughter:

He stated that he would quit acting so that he could spend some more time with his daughter. Before his death his daughter, Meadow, had just moved in with him.

  1. Heartbroken Family:

Walker’s daughter and father believed Porsche was responsible for the accident and settled several wrongful death lawsuits.

  1. Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt:

Paul was just one step away from black belt. He was training at Paragon Academy, California under his instructor Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller.

  1. Paul the Humanitarian:

During the massive earthquake of magnitude 8.8 in Chile, he offered his best to help the homeless and injured around the country with his aid team “Reach Out Worldwide”. City Council of Pelluhue, Chile named a street after him.

  1. Brother from Another Mother:

Vin Diesel always thought of Paul as his brother. In Paul’s memorial, Diesel named his baby girl “Pauline”.