These 10 People Became World Famous In Less Than 24 Hours


Becoming famous is not at all an easy task no matter you have interne, social networks and all, you cannot come to the limelight unless you have the proper talent. On one hand you need talent and on the other, you need appearance for it.

Here is the list of 10 persons who rose to fame quite unexpectedly:


Nicky Libert used to work as a construction worker unless a student from London took his photo and uploaded it in the social media while she was strolling around in Amsterdam. This photo earned a lot of praises while Nicky earned a modelling contract.


This cool grandma Baddie Winkle became a sweetheart among the bloggers after her grand daughters have posted her photo on Instagram. She is a cheerful and colourful personality who loves to dance, twerk and lives an active lifestyle. At present, she has 3 million followers.

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Emanuele Fasano, a young musician from Italy was playing a piano after being late for a train.  A music producer noticed and recorded it and this made him famous and brough him profitable contracts.

Con tutto l'amore del mondo

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Nusret Gokce became famous as a chef after he made his videos of cooking meat.His videos went viral on the internet and nobody can count the number of memes that were made of his signature pose. Nusret Gokce became an internet sensation overnight.

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Arshad Khan, a tea seller from Islamabad earned contract of big modelling agencies after a photograph captured this blue-eyed handsome guy and made his photo viral.

Philippe Dumas sared his photos on Instagram after his retirement and because of his confident and unusual appearances, he has noew become a famous model and has a lot of contracts.


This handsome doctor Mike Varhsavaki just casually shared her daily chores in Instagra. He got many proposals for modelling but he chose to remain a doctor only. However, he now promotes healthy lifestyle and supports charity organizations.

Cindy Limberly was made famous by none other than Justin Beiber. A 17 year old girl from Spain working as a part time nanny, she now does photo shoots for famous magazines and big modelling agencies are taking her for contracts.

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Sven Oten, a self-taught dancer from Germany posted his dancing video on YouTube which was viewed by more than 43 million people and he now has his own dancing academy and works to advertising campaigns.

After being sentenced in February 2015 for two years for weapons violation, Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot was posted by the Stockson Police Department and it became viral. After his release, he has become a celebrity and had many contracts.

Image source: Bright Side