7 Famous Pakistanis Who Married Their Own Cousins


Islam is one such religion which comes with the exception of the leverage that cousins can marry each other. Now, as long as the religion allows it there’s nothing wrong in marrying someone you’ve known all your life rather than marrying a stranger.

There are some popular celebrities from Pakistan who have married their own cousins. Marrying relatives in Pakistan is legal and these celebrities have made news when they too decided to exchange the marriage vows with their own cousins.

1.Shahid Afridi

Boom Boom Afridi, the former Pakistan Skipper has married his maternal cousin Nadia. They’ve been married to each other since 2000. Lately the rumours of Afridi getting married to Zarine Khan have been making rounds over the Internet.

2.Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

The legendary singer from Pakistan who has a big fan following even in India, married his uncle’s daughter. The Halka Halka Suroor sensation married Naheed Nusrat who was his cousin.

3.Saeed Anwar

One of the best openers in the history of Pakistan cricket married his cousin Lubna in 1999. Lubna, his cousin was a doctor by profession.

4.Babar Khan

The famous Pakistani model married his first cousin Bisma after the death of his first wife. Bisma was in standard 9 when the two got married in 2015. Now they are blessed with a lovely daughter.

5.Shaista Lodhi

One of the most popular and loved host from a morning shown in Pakistan separated from her first husband in 2012. Fans were keen to now the reason of her split with Waqar Wahidi but she never disclosed it.

In 2015 she married her relative Adnan Lodhi.

6.Sanam Marvi

Sanam Marvi, famous folk singer from Pakistan married her cousin. Sanam and Hamid Ali have 3 beautiful children.

7.Reham Khan

Imran Khan’s wife married the famous Pakistani cricketer after having parted way with her first husband. Reham and her first husband, Dr Izaj Rehman were cousins.