Airlines are considered to be the most sophisticated mode of transport but now and then we hear news about funny, unusual and weird incidents taking place on reputed flights. From a flight attendant becoming rapper to an air-hostess being distracted by a group of male football fans, there are numerous funny incidents that have taken place inside an airplane.

In this post, the team of Funniest Indian brings for you 7 most hilarious incidents to ever take place inside an airplane.


1- When Founder of Virgin Atlantic Became An Air-Hostess

Richard Brenson, the billionaire founder of Virgin Atlantic once became the flight attendant of AirAsia in May 2011 after he lost a bet to Tony Fernandes, founder of AirAsia.


2- JetBlue flight attendant incident

This crazy incident happened on a  JetBlue flight from Pittsburgh to New York City on 9 August 2010.  A flight attendant named Steven Slater tried to open the emergency door after he quit his job mid-air.

3- When a flight Attendant locked a 17 Month Old Kid

Natalie Williamson claimed that her 17 month old kid was put into an overhead bin by the flight attendant of Virgin Blue. The airlines later suspended the flight attendant.

4- When a nervous mother made a hoax bomb scare

A nervous mother once made a hoax bomb scare on the 1Time flight from Johannesburg to Geroge because she was afraid for her daughter who was on board the flight.

5- When a Flight attendant was distracted by a group of football fans

An air-hostess on the Russian airline Aeroflot flight encountered the most hilarious moment of her life when some football fans didn’t let her complete the safety instructions and made her blush.

6- When a flight attendant became a rapper

A flight attendant from Southwest Airlines rapped the pre-flight safety instructions and entertained the passengers with his unique style statement.

7- When United Airlines Dragged A Doctor 

Officials of United Airlines once forcefully dragged a man out of their over-booked plane from Chicago to Louisville. The man was reportedly a doctor and the incident caused a lot of embarrassment for United Airlines.