Weather reports are essential for obtaining knowledge about the weather around us, and the presence of beautiful lady reporters narrating the details of the weather amkes it even more interesting. For a certain matter of fact, no matter how bad the report is, we still try to find a little calm in those beautiful faces on TV which make everything look oh-so-sexy.

As every new channel ha s a regular segment dedicated to talking about the weather report, every channel also makes sure to hire professional weather reporters who not only know everything about the weather, but who will make you look forward to the weather segment because of how beautiful they are.


In this post, the team of Funniest Indian brings for you a list of 12 stunning weather reporters from around the world. These reporters are not only beautiful but also have thorough knowledge of their profession.

  1. Molly Rosenblatt

Molly is currently working as a Meteorologist and Traffic Anchor at WOFL Fox 35 after graduating from University of Minnesota. Molly is truly a beauty to watch and even makes a hurricane look ordinary.

2. Evelyn Taft

Evelyn is presently working as a meteorologist and weather reporter for KCAL9/CBS2 news in L.A, California and has a fluent command over Russian and English. Her description does not require much glossy terms but just stylish, fluent and flamboyant reporter.

3. Domenica Davis

One of the beautiful weather reporters, Domenica Davis has been working with NBC 4 New York for over 7 years now. The lady is definitely brilliant at what she’s doing and this can be told by looking at her many followers on social media.

4. Jackie Johnson

The weather report by KCBS-TV Los Angeles, California is super-interesting only because they have Jackie Johnson presenting it. Jackie Johnson is definitely one of the hottest weather reporters today.

5. Julie Ann Durda

The bold and confident Julie is famous for covering many of the big storms to hit America and different parts of the world in recent times. When knowledge and beauty comes together, the viewers are bound to have a deeper knowledge of weather. Working as a weather reporter for WPLG Miami, she makes sure to have a loyal audience-base around her.

6. Maria LaRosa

With an enviable career as a weather reporter, Maria LaRosa is currently working with The Weather Channel, in Atlanta as an on-camera meteorologist. Her skills and grace make her reporting style different from the lot.

7. Maria Quiban

Maria is currently working as a weather anchor at KTTV in Los Angeles, California and has done her graduation from University of Hawaii. Apart from her reporting, she has also shown her acting skills in various serials.

8. Mary Gamarra

Mary Gamarra’s beauty,and her flamboyant style of delivery in Spanish language, makes her one of the most stunning weather reporters. I mean, I can very well imagine, a beautiful girl seeming all the more beautiful as she speaks a language unknown to most of us.

9. Kristi Marie Capel

In 2005 Kristi won the Miss Missouri USA pageant and then represented Missouri in the Miss USA 2006 pageant in Baltimore. After her claim to fame, Kristi was yet again in the news on February 23, 2015, when she referred to Lady Gaga’s performance during the 87th Academy Awards using the term “jigaboo”.

10. Jackie Guerrido

With her body doing the talking, Jackie is one of the glamorous weather reporters of the U.S. She followed her career in journalism and weather reporting to Despierta America a morning show in America targeting the Hispanic community.

11. Yanet García

The world’s hottest weather reporter, Yanet makes it a little difficult for you to focus on what exactly the weather has for you. Also, that might sound creepy, but having her on-screen doing the weather thingy, makes the temperature drop automatically. No, we are not the ones creeping it, it’s a fan on an online forum saying it. Yanet is never too shy to show off her curves under the tight-fitting clothes she wears. Currently working for Televisa Monterrey news, she has multiple fans claiming she is the hottest weather reporter till date.

12. Jill Nicolini

Image result for Jill Nicolini

Jill is an impressive weather reporter working with CBS 2 and is famously also known to be “sun that always shines on TV.