12 Famous Hollywood Celebrities Who Have Got Sanskrit Words Inked On Their Skin


While we are busy in adapting the western lifestyle, we all know how foreign countries respect and love our Indian culture. People from west, including celebrities are highly fascinated by Indian cultures and traditions. They love our mother language Hindi and are very fascinated with other languages including Sanskrit and Urdu.

Here, in this article we bring you a list of all those celebrities who have got tattoos on their body in Sanskrit language, have a look :


1. Vanessa Hudgens :


The high school musical star has got the word ‘OM’ tattooed on her pinky fingers. She has got it tattooed very creatively. She has divided the word ‘Om’ in two parts,  half on her one pinky and another half on her other pinky and when she joins her hand doing a ‘Namastey’, the Om word appears clearly.

2. Jessica Alba :

The famous Hollywood actress, Jessica has got the word ‘Padma’ tattooed on her wrist. The word Padma means lotus.

3. Selena Gomez :

Salena Gomez has around 9 tattoos on her body. One of the tattoo is of the word ‘OM’, which she got inked on her left hip.

4. Miley Cyrus :

Miley Cyrus, the famous singer has got the word ‘OM’ tattooed on her wrist.

5. Adam Levine Maroon :

The lead singer of 5 bands, Adam carries around 17 tattoos. One of them is the sanskrit word ‘Tapas’, which according to him means the inner fire.

6. Britanny Snow :

The famous actress, Britanny Snow has got the word ‘Abhay’ tattooed on her right ankle. The word Abhay means fearless.

7. David Beckham :

The football sensation, David Beckham got the name of her wife ‘Victoria’ inked on his left hand in hindi language.

8. Brandy Noorwood :

The famous American recording artist, Brandy Noorwood is fascinated with the Indian Gods. She got a tattoo of Lord Ganesha’s face on her arm. She believes Ganesha’s presence will help her go through from any obstacle in her life.

9. Angelina Jolie :

Angelina’s love for tattoo is known to all. One of her tattoos include a Buddhist Mantra on her left shoulder which she got in the year 2003, while adopting her son Maddox.

10. Alyssa Milano :

Alyssa got the word ‘OM’ tattooed on her body in a very unconventional way. She got it tattooed on the nape of her neck but in horizontal way.

11. Katy Perry : 

The famous singer, Katy Perry has 8 tattoos on her body and one is a Sanskrit tattoo. When she was dating Russell Brand, both of them got the same tattoo inked on their bodies, ‘‘Anuugacchatu Pravaha’’ which means ‘go with the flow’.

12. Theo Walcott :

The tattoo on his wrist clearly shows his love for his family. There are four words in Hindi which means ‘Beautiful, Blessed, Strong, Intelligent’ which are inked on his wrist, the words are dedicated to his sister, father, brother and mother respectively.

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