Let’s recall once again the famous well known quote by Mahatma Gandhi “HATE THE SIN, NOT THE SINNER”. Recalling such well known quote made us to grow sympathy towards the person who involved themselves in such sin. But today, they are not showed any mercy. A criminal is what they are.

A sinner, a thief, a gang leader and what not. They are carried towards their deserving place called PRISON. A prison is never considered as a happy place. This the ultimate destiny for the criminals.


Except India, most of the criminals out there are suffered to their asses off and even they suffocated and starved towards death. Obviously in India, criminals roam outside most of the times without any regrets and without any shame but outside the boundaries of the country the situation is just the reverse. They are shown what exactly their position stand and are shown no mercy at all.

It’s only India that criminal laws are no where strict and painful. But the criminal laws belong to several other countries are what criminal should realise and repent till their last breath, not to repeat such sin ever in their entire existing life. Here are some scariest and creepiest prisons existing and known for its brutal treatment all over the world.


1.Carandiru Prison in Brazil:

Life can be resulted to death if the sinners are punished in Carandiru prison. Designed and build by Samuel das Neves in 1920, this prison is known for its death rate of 1300 criminals in the history of 46 years. It was later closed down in 2002. This place was known for ‘CARANDIRU MASSACRE’.

2.Camp 22, North Korea:

Since 1965, this prison is a campus that can allot 50,000 criminals. Trecherous part of this prison is that not only the criminals but their families are also punished and this punishment reached about three generations of that criminal. Another tool of torture is using theinmates are used for human experiments where they are made lab rats for biological anthrax, bomb testing and other utilities.

3.Texas state Penitentiary, USA:

This prison can be called nothing else but a place of death. Entering in this prison is next to keeping feet upon the land of death. Criminals are Immediately sentenced to death as they entered.

4.Tadmor Military Prison, Syria:

Beating prisoners with metal pipes, tying a rope around them and dragging till they die, and also cutting their neck with an axe is what considered as the ultimate result of the prisoners of the prison.

5.Bang Kwang Prison in Thailand:

The only punishment for the prisoners of the prison mental torture. Criminals wear leg irons and if capital punishment is not awarded these leg irons are permanently welded.

6.La Santa Prison in France:

This prison leads the level of torture to that level that the prisoners are inmates end up commiting a suicide by consuming rat poison. More than 100 prisoners committed suicide over a year.

7.Diyarbakir Prison in Turkey:

This prison is well known for spreading the maximum violations of HUMAN RIGHTS per prisoners. They are harassed physically and mentally. Even the childrens are also showed no mercy.

8.Gitaram Prison, Rwanda:

This place is covered with human waste over which thousands of prisoners stayed and died ultimately with gangrene.

9.Al-Ha’ir Prison, Saudi Arab:

Criminals here protested against the tortures happened upon them but ultimately resulted to death.

10.La Sabaneta Prison in Venezuela:

Situated in South Africa , this prison is well known for its treacherous torture over the criminals. Criminals are left behind without medical aid and food which ultimately result in death.