Whenever you are going for a tour, the first thing which you should keep in mind is to check the security of yourself and your stuff. Despite these, there are instances where you just cannot save yourself from certain disasters.

Thus, you should always know and research well about a place you are planning to visit. In order to facilitate your journey, here we present a list of 10 such cities which have quite a bad reputation in certain areas.


Barcelona is a beautiful city in Spain, but it also famous for pickpockets. You can see thousands of skilful pickpockets who can steal your stuff from anywhere whether it is from the streets of your hotel room or even at the beach!

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Cairo is not at all safe for women and also due to the uncertain political situation, there are many conflicts. Also, people here are ready to cheat you by increasing price and rates.

Always be careful while you eat something in Pattaya. The locals here eat everything with a lot of spices that kill bacteria. But tourists from other places often get food poisoning.

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Since Johannesburg in South Africa have almost no people in the streets as all of them are travelling by car, While at one point of time the while global citizens discriminated the Blacks, now people stare at you if you are a White.


Be safe if you are in Naples, Italy as the pickpockets here rides in scooters and they appear before you and go away in no times after grabbing your stuff.


Tijuana in Mexico is quite famous for drug dealers. So be very careful if you are planning to visit.

Since India has a huge population and the majority of them face economic problems, you would always find yourself surrounded by beggars. Also, attacks on women are very common in Mumbai.

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Rio de Janeiro in Brazil has many people with knives and snatching away your camera or phone even before you realize.


If you are in Paris, you would find yourself surrounded by beggars, pickpockets and vendors selling you unnecessary things at unbelievable high prices.

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Although Dubai is said to be very much a westernized city, women should dress decently in order to avoid any sort of sexual violence. But also they give you good protection if you are in hotel room.

Since every coin have two sides, here are some of the drawbacks of these cities. But that does not mean that they are not safe. All you need is to be conscious.