The History of the world speaks for itself, it has so many stories of wars, struggle, evolution and development that it makes us leave speechless. The world has changed a lot, in terms of prosperity and development.

This world has stood the test of time. Every country, every city has got it’s own history. These cities have been a silent witness to the evolution of human and these societies we live in.

The before and after pictures of these cities will show you how much they have developed in the past few years. These pictures will leave you stunned, have a look:

1.Los Angeles, California – 1878 and now :

2.  :

3.Chicago, Illinois – 1909 and now :

4.Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 1980´s and now :

5. Jakarta, Indonesia – 1960 and now :

6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 1990´s and now :

7. Beijing, China – 1950´s and now :

8.Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – 1975 and now :

9. Fortaleza, Brazil – 1970 and now :

10.Malaysia – 1970´s and now :


Amazing isn’t? The world has developed so much that it makes us stunned.

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