VIDEO: Australian Batsman Chris Lynn’s Girlfriend Was Caught Doing Something Weird During A Match


Cricket, as they say, is a funny game. Over the years, we have seen many funny things happen on a cricket field, that are hard to explain.


But, the incident which we are showing in this post is probably one of the most hilarious moment to ever take place on a field.

It happened during a domestic match in Australia when Chris Lynn, who was fielding on the boundary was speaking to the TV commentators through a microphone. His girlfriend Yvonne was sitting in the crowds section with two of her friends and Lynn tried to get her attention.


“There’s Yvonne. Hey Yvonne, give us a wave!” Chris said. But Yvonne was in the middle of an animated conversation, busily gesturing to the two people on either side of her.“She’s talking footy,” Chris said. But then suddenly a moment later Yvonne seemed to act some bizarre sexual act which sent the commentators team into a frenzy.

The commentators couldn’t control their laughter but they tried their best not to embarrass Lynn and started talking about the match.

VIDEO: Chris Lynn’s Girlfriend Imitating Sex While Watching A Match