This Is The Most Unlucky Dismissal In Cricket. He Was Just Helping The Fielding Team


Sports isn’t just about winning or losing but also about keeping sportsman spirit in tact. In incident from the ongoing under 19 Cricket World Cup has rather became a controversy centred around the spirit of the game. In a very bizarre decision given in a tie between West Indies and South Africa, a batsman was given out for having helped the fielding team.


On January 17 in a Group A match between West Indies and South Africa, a South African batsman was given out by the third umpire for having obstructed the field. Jiveshan Pillay who had to make a long way back to the pavilion for having obstructed the field was just trying to help the fielding team actually.

Actual Story

Jiveshan Pillay was at 47 when he reached out for a delivery way too outside. The ball took the inside edge of the bat and started to roll towards the stumps. But the ball on its own came to a complete halt near the stumps before hitting them. Pillay picked up the ball and returned it to the fielding side.


In what came as an unpleasant surprise for Pillay, the fielding team started to appeal for the obstruction of field. The on field umpires were convinced with the appeal and went upstairs.

The TV umpire gave the decision in favour of the fielding side and the batsman had to walk back. The batsman was given out as per Law 37.4 of the ICC code of conduct.

Since then the issue of the West Indies appealing for obstruction of field has triggered the ‘sportsman spirit’ debate and have divided the cricketing fraternity.

Watch the controversial dismissal here: