A Journalist Asked SRK About His New Year Resolution. King Khan Gave A Hilarious Reply


Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most loved celebrities in India. His story from an economics student in Delhi University to the Badshah of Bollywood, is an inspiration for every person who dreams to become an actor in India.


While there are hundreds of qualities that we can learn from Shah Rukh Khan, there is one problem that every director, media person and event organiser complaint about and that is- his habit of coming late.

Now, when you are as famous and powerful as Shah Rukh Khan, you can come anytime you want. Oh yes! Call it arrogant but that is how it is. SRK is one of the biggest celebrity brands in India and the way he ruled the industry for so many years, is a case study in itself.


Shah Rukh is going through a lean patch in his acting career because his movies are not doing that well at the box office. But, his fan following just keeps on growing. We all know that it is only a matter of time that SRK makes a grand comeback and gives a super hit that will break many records of the box office.

Coming back to SRK’s bad habit of arriving late at events and making people wait, he was recently asked by media persons at a Filmfare press conference that how come he came on time?

SRK replied in his style and said that he is trying to improve all his bad habits.

Most of us are pleasantly surprised that you are on time, media person told Shah Rukh.

“You know, I am trying that I change. I try to sleep early and I have also cut down on smoking,” SRK replied. 

“This is my third event today, and I was on time at all the events,” he added. 

“I have told my team that now I will show to the world that I will be on time. In fact, I will be the first person to reach,” King Khan said. 

“Is that your new resolution, or sorts?” media person asked.

“This is my life resolution. You guys better beware of me. Now, I will be on time everywhere,” SRK replied. 

Watch the video here:

A Journalist Asked SRK About His New Year Resolution. King Khan Gave A Hilarious Reply