You may have not heard about him, but he is the first man in the world to recite a country’s national anthem atop the world’s highest mountain peak, Mount Everest. Mountaineer Ratnesh Pandey, who hails from Satna completed his adventurous journey on May 21, 2016 and made it even more special by singing our National Anthem there.



“If you have dreams and a desire to achieve them then the God will hold your hand and take you to the destination,” he says about his remarkable achievement. Ratnesh encountered real bad weather at the top with temperature going to minus 40 degrees but he kept hope and managed to ascend it in his second attempt.

“Temperature there was minus 40 degrees and chilling winds were at the worst and that was the time when I heard my soul’s voice for the first time to complete the journey,” he said.


This was the second time Mr Pandey climbed Mt Everest but reached the peak for the first time. He earlier tried to ascend Mt Everest in 2015 and reached 22000 feet before an avalanche caused by an earthquake in Nepal cut short his journey.

“The mission of 2015 has taught me important lessons and had filled me with more enthusiasm. Cost of one tour to the Everest peak is between Rs 25-30 lakh and I arranged money by taking loans. Now, the government has ensured me to pay my loans as a support from them,” he added.

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He prepared extensively for his second trip and said, “I underwent a very tough practice of more than three months, which included 10 km running, 40 km cycling, half an hour swimming and Yoga exercise for 30 minutes, everyday.”

He placed the peace flag on the peak at 6.30 am on May 21 and honoured it by singing our National anthem. “I recited national anthem which boost me again and helped me to come down as I was exhausted,” he said.

Breathing issues and a lack of oxygen didn’t deter him from completing the national anthem and his video would surely fill you with pride.

Here’s The Inspirational Video: