We Never Knew That These 12 ‘Daily-Use’ Things Have An Expiry Date


Maybe we’ve always believed that only medicines come with an expiry date. That’s why we fail to realise that not just medicines but even day to day commodities come with an expiry date. It’s the era of smartness and if we’re not smart enough as consumers then that’s wrong on our part.

As responsible consumers, we must be aware all the times and about all the details of the products we buy. After all, it’s a hard-earned money that goes into our expenditures.


Here’s a list of things that you didn’t know came with an expiry date.

1. Sports Shoes


Yes, they come with an expiry date. This, however, applies to only those who use their sports shoes regularly. Sports shoes wear out after 6 months or 250 miles of the run.


2. Spices

Spices lose out on their flavour after two years. It’s not recommended to use them after two years.

3. Toothbrush

Well, if you’re using your toothbrush for longer than 3 months then you’re only inviting bacteria in your mouth. You must get yourself a new brush immediately.

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4. Sunglasses

It’s highly recommended that you change your sunglasses every two years. After two years the sunglasses start to attract more ultra violet rays.


5. Comb

A comb if used more than one year can incite dandruff and other hair problems.

6. Towel

Towels must be changed every 3 years. Wet towels are a perfect invitation for bacteria. So, you must change your towel time to time.

7. Pillows

Pillows must be changed every 2-3 years. After 2-3 years dust bites start to settle in pillows and that can lead to health issues.

8. Bra

Well, that’s quite a news! Yes even bras come with an expiry date. Bras start to deform and stretch after two years.

9. Tea Bags

Tea leaves have the ability to ferment. So, tea bags must not be consumed beyond 6 months.

10. Smartphones

What? Yes, even smartphones come with an expiry date. After 2-3 years phones start to show glitches and abnormalities.


11. Slippers

Even slippers come with an expiry date. Slippers after 6 months of daily use may become breeding grounds for fungus.

12. Sponge for cleaning

Sponges shouldn’t be used for more than 2 weeks. After two weeks it loses its ability to clean.