No pair of siblings is as adorable as twins. Everything about twins is just so fascinating. That’s the reason why some mothers even fancy having diets which increase the chances of conceiving a pair of twins. This package of joy is just so extraordinary, isn’t it? We’ve all had big smiles at our faces whenever we’ve seen a pair of twins around us.

But did you some fascinating facts about pairs of twin children? All you surely don’t know perhaps! We’ll sort it out for you and tell you about 10 really fascinating facts about twins.


1. They don’t have the same fingerprints.


Many people think that twins have the same fingerprints. We that’s not true. Twins have different finger prints unlike what people think. Finger prints are determined by nutritional and hormonal levels in the womb hence different.

2. Twins are mind readers

A twin pair of siblings shares a great connection of thought. They easily get to know if the other one is sad or dep depressed. That’s what you call a special connection now! Twins can read each other’s mind and while preparing for an exam let’s say, they can do half the syllabus each and can share information through the strong connect.

3. There’s a special diet for conceiving twins

Did you know that twins can be conceived by a special twin diet? Women who eat food with more dietary content are likely to conceive two babies together. Many journals including the The Lancet advocates it.

4. Twins give a longer life to their mothers

According to a research by the University of Utah mothers who give birth to twins are more likely to live longer than the ones who don’t.
This means twins aren’t just a bundle of cuteness but also a catalyst for a mother’ long life.

5. Mothers about to conceive twins gain extra Kilos

A mother gains 11 kg to 15 kg during pregnancy. This happens when they are to conceive a single baby. But a mother who is about to conceive a pair of twins may end up gaining something between 15 kgs to 20kgs.

6. Twins need no ultrasound

A doctor can use a stethoscope to hear two hearts beating. They don’t need an ultrasound to detect a pair of twins in the womb. So, the twins solve their mystery all by themselves. Interesting, isn’t it?

7. Twins give their mothers an extra dose of morning sickness

A pregnant lady gets really uneasy every morning. But a mother who’s about to conceive a pair of twins feels an extra dose of morning sickness each morning. Now that’s quite a pain.

8. Twins are of 4 kinds and not 2

Usually we know just two kinds of twins. Identical twins and fraternal twins are the most known kinds. But there are two more kinds. These are

Half identical twins
Mirror image twins

9. Identical twins can never be totally identical

Even the identical twins develop distinguished features with time. Identical twins never end up being completely identical.

10. Twins communicate with Twin talks.

Yes, twins communicate with twin talks. It seems gibberish to others but they really like to talk that way.