We All Have Come Across These 10 Types Of Girlfriends In School And College


Love changes people, it makes us better. When two people are in love, they get to see different side of each other which no one is aware about, even at some point they, themselves are not aware about that side.

Here, we bring you 10 different types of girlfriends, have a look and see which one is your girlfriend:


1.The chilled out one:

This ‘chilled out’ girlfriend is way too cool! She will expect her boyfriend to be faithful but don’t believe in having restrictions in her relationship. She will never be concerned about her boyfriend’s whereabouts or who is he hanging out with. She will never ask for her boyfriend’s passwords.

2.The kuchi-koo one :

If you have a ‘Kuchi-koo’ girlfriend, then you have an absolute adorable girlfriend. She has millions of cute names for you but that doesn’t stop her for coming up with a million more. She is caring and never shy away from showing her love via grand and adorable gestures.

3.The classy one:

If you have a ‘classy’ girlfriend, then you have a person who loves all things to perfection! Candlelight dinners and suave parties, she’ll never say no to them. Winged eyeliner, pointed heels, perfect dresses, dude! you have a perfection walking beside you. She is an absolute charmer.

4.The witty-sassy one:

If you have a ‘witty-sassy’ one, you are damn lucky! With a witty brain and a loving heart, such girls are very rare to find. Her humor is what raises a lot of eyebrows in surprise and she has a thing for Sarcasm!

5.The gamer girlfriend:

If you have a ‘gamer’ girlfriend, what are you waiting for?Go, Marry her 😀 But beware. she will probably ruin your NFS record! She is a pro in playing video games.

6.The I-don’t-care-how-I-look girlfriend:

If you have a girlfriend like this, then she’s an absolute badass who believes in inner beauty more than she does in looks. Most of the times, she isn’t bothered how she looks like, most of the time you’ll found her in her PJs, because she is busy conquering the world but when she dresses up, she makes sure no one can take eyes off her.

7. The food lover girlfriend:

If you have a ‘food lover’ as your lover, then she is the one who believes in fries before guys. She loves her pizzas and pies. She loves food more than people, but except you!

8. The hardcore Bollywood fan:

If you have a ‘hardcore-bollywood fan’ as your girlfriend than you have a complete filmy girlfriend. She dreams of a filmy Bollywood style proposals and has watched every Bollywood movie and remembers all the dialogues by heart. She is super fun but a bit draamebaaz!

9. The texter girlfriend:

If you have a ‘texter girlfriend’ who loves to text. She is the queen of emojis and no you cannot beat her at her game!She may not have much to say on the phone but she can text you all day and all night about all things that happened or didn’t happen to her.

10.The slightly possessive one:

If you have a possessive girlfriend, who is just slightly possessive not highly then you have someone who loves you very much.She will make a goofy grumpy face when she feels that her boyfriend may be giving someone else more attention than her. But, one peck on her cheek and she’ll be good again.

And, most of us you would agree with this 😉

Source: LeFunny.net