While we all are anticipated knowing the story of the current Miss World, there’s always an other side which we never knew. Yes we all are proud of that because of her India can have another miss world but is that all?


We all have heard thousands of stories how Manushi changed herself and how she won the title but one more story comes forward as we see the video. Sushmita Sen and Manushi Chillar on same video means beauty overloaded! And truly the same is seen here. And that’s not it! As we can see that how Sushmita is trying to motivate Manushi to win the title.

Why aren’t we seeing this stuff everyday? Because not only Manushi but we all are surprised how well Sushmita handled the tide which was flowing through Manushi. Giving patience to someone is not a simple thing. What Sushmita did was distracting Manushi for a while and relaxed her from all the thoughts.


Some kind words can go long way. Plus in this competition we have observed how time has changed and the competition could be so tough. India has always given the beauty to world and yet again from Manushi Chillar’s win, history is repeated.

Last, Priyanka Chopra had made us proud way back 17 years and now this. Which definitely shows the potential we have. Many more victories and celebration to come but this incident because when it comes to Motivating people, its not everybody’s cup of tea. It is not a national but an International thing!

Watching the video will surely lighten the mood as well as feel nostalgic of the victory. After this we do not know what future holds for Manushi but right now everything seems on a bright side. Let us hope that these people make India more proud and salute to them.

Here is the video:

Sush & Miss Word 2017 Manushi Chhillar❤️✈️ #sushmitasen #manushichillar

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