Have you ever heard of someone losing 150k Instagram followers at once? Well, that is exactly what happened with Natalia Lozano, a Spanish model.


Natalia’s account went missing from Instagram and the reason is strange if Natalia is to be believed.

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Neither did her account get hacked nor was it about any other glitch. But it was Instagram itself which took off Natalia’s Instagram account. Natalia says that her account has been disbanded for being brutally honest. She says her account took the brunt of promoting positivity.


While other models are known for posting pictures of working out and their slim and toned bodies, Natalia did not. She was rather famous on Instagram for being a plus-sized model and spreading positivity and confidence among women who feel awkward because of their plus size. Her fame came from spreading positivity with her body size and bluntly honest pictures.

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Natalia claims that Instagram took her account off the platform for spreading positivity. Here is what she said

 “they cannot stand that I am sexy and confident. They call me fat and vulgar and accuse me of hypocrisy because I touch up my photos.”

She said that people reported her account time and again to get it removed. She also slammed the mentality of people of her own nation by saying

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“The moment you stand up as a sexy plus-size woman, you are judged and censored. However, in the United States, for example, plus-size models have lots of followers and are more widely accepted than in my own country.”


So what if her account got removed? That is never the end of the road. She got herself a new account and continues to spread positivity. She is still going in a positive direction and said

“Whatever people think of my body, I am indifferent. They are young people, the focus is on 18-19-20 years. I will not leave Instagram, they have not given me any solution or help, two weeks later I am waiting for what to do.”

We stand by her spirit and we hope she gets her followers back. She is one strong example who aims to fight fat shaming of women. We extend more power to her.


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