Indian royal families have always been rich. We can read about their lavish lifestyle in books while movies and documentaries on the era when they ruled makes us realize how powerful they were. Their standard of living was unparalleled. Below are some facts about Indian royals that will turn your heads.

1.Last monarch of Nizam-ul-Mulk of Hyderabad, popularly known as Nizam of Hyderabad was Mir Osman Ali Khan Siddiqi. He was the richest man in India in the 1940s with estimated asset of 2 Billion dollars which was equal to 2% of whole US economy in those times. Using his spending power he bought Jacob diamond, the largest diamond in the world worth $200 million only to use it as paperweight.


2.Mysore Empire was taken over by the Wodeyar family after killing the king but the queen escaped. However, she was caught in a few days. The proud queen committed suicide but before that she gave the Wodeyar family a curse. The curse was that they will have no heir to the throne. Afraid, they started worshipping the queen by installing her statue which is going on a ritual even today.


3.However, the curse of the queen prevailed as the last heir to of Wodeyar family had no child. Hence he died leaving no heir for the cursed throne.

4.Nawab of Junagarh was known for known for his love for dogs. Mahabat Khan Rasul Khan had over 800 dogs and each dog was taken care of by personal attendant. The majesty loved his pets so much that he threw magnificent ceremonies on the occasion of their marriage. No doubt he used to spend a lot on those occasions. He even invited the then Viceroy of India- Lord Irwin to one such occasion but he was politely turned down.

5.King Ashoka is one of the most popular kings of India and he is known for spreading Buddhism. However before converting to Buddhism, he was known as ‘Chandal Ashok’ for his brutality as he killed 99 of his brothers to get the throne and spared only Tissa , one of his brothers, to keep as deputy king.

6.India and Kung Fu has always been linked from the ancient days. One of the Indian kings, Bodhidharma , is responsible for its creation. He was a prince of the Pallava dynasty. He went to China to begin the physical training of  Shaolin monks from which Kung Fu originated.

7.Homosexuality was not well received in ancient India. Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil was disowned by his own family as he accepted in public that he was gay. He was charged of ruining his family name and legacy.

8.One Rolls Royce employee once insulted King Jai Singh of Alwar in London. The king was so infuriated that he instructed to use Rolls Royce cars to pick the city’s waste. This stopped only after the car company, afraid of losing their brand apologized to the king.

9.Maharani Gayatri Devi is known for her luxury lifestyle and her assets. However, the Rajmata of Jaipur, was very beautiful too. She was included in Vogue magazine list of ‘Ten most Beautiful women in the world’ in 1960.

10.Fashion dates back to ancient India. Kings and queen were very stylish. Maharani Indira Devi, mother of Gayatri Devi, continued that tradition. The queen of Coach Bihar was a fashion connoisseur. She was so impressed by Salvatore Ferrogamo who was one of the most famous designers at that time, that she ordered 100 pairs of shoes from him which were diamond studded.

11.Indian Mughal harems are source of several interesting stories that throw light to the royalties of that age. Royal ladies of those harems used to wear their garments only once in their lifetime and gave them away to servants after single use. They also used to change their garments frequently in a day.