These 11 Breakup Texts Will Make Your Friday More Entertaining


Telling your partner that you have moved on from your relationship is very hard. All of us love being in a relationship but when we realize things are not working well, having a face to face conversation about breaking up usually end up with fireworks. Hence, the young generation likes to break up via texts as it hurts less. However, not all break up texts are sad. Some break up texts are hilarious as hell. Let us look at them now.

1.Breaking up next day after getting physical may not be a good idea if you cherished the night like this.


2.Speaking and writing correct English is very important in relationships. Don’t text ‘Y? bby?’ ever.


3.Ouch! That hurt! Classic case of backfire while texting at the same time. Next time give a better hint before breaking up.

4.Break up like this without breaking a sweat! The gym reference was unique though. Never heard that before!

5.Dumpsville?! Population?! What? This one is just outright creepy.

6.Typo’s can bring out the truth sometimes! Never know when your partner enlightens you with the news of breakup.

7.Hey Lindsay? Wtf? Make up your mind who you want to bring over to your house tonight.

8.If you want to cheat at least make sure your boyfriend doesn’t read the texts you send to your lover. Otherwise, you will have to face this.

9.Now that is some wishful thinking! Breaking up just when your partner was dreaming of lifelong commitment.

10.Another classic case of typing mistakes. Double check before you send a text to your lover next time!

11.Jenna just got prematurely notified about her upcoming breakup. How did the breakup talk go?