These 10 Confessions By Movie Theater Staff Prove How Bad We Are


No doubt movie theaters have become the best source of entertainment and relaxation for us. Theaters are just about the best places on earth. The giant screen in front of us never helps us to escape reality in an instant. Watching the stories unravel on the screen while munching our popcorn is just next to heaven.

But our experience as customers is good, for that there are so many people(staff) working day and night in the theaters.From keeping the premises clean to guiding us to our seats to maintaining decorum in the screening, the staff at the movie theaters are responsible for making our experience enjoyable. Their jobs get tougher when customers are rude to them or turn out to be jerks.


Here, we bring you some shocking confessions shared by the staff of the movie theaters:



“I work at the movie theater, after the last showing of 50 shades, I found 3 used condoms on the floor.”



“So, I work at a movie theater and while cleaning I found someone had eaten cherries…with pits..and spit them all over the floor…why?”



Working at a movie theater told a guest to have a good night. He replied “take off your shirt and it’ll be a good night. Since when is it okay to talk to someone like that?”



First off work at a movie theater. I was in the box office one day and my customer I was dealing with asked me if it is okay for him and his girl to have sex at the theater, I just stood there in silent.”



“A customer at the movie theater came up to me and tried to put a dollar bill inside my shirt. Not cool.”



A customer at my work was so mad that we didn’t have the movie she wanted to see and started screaming at me.”



I work at a movie theater and I watched this woman purposely dump her entire popcorn bucket on floor and she then turned to me and said “Have fun cleaning that up.”



A customer yelled at my managers for about 20 minutes about how our customer service is “The most disgusting” she’s ever seen, because we refused to let her take 2 large pizzas into a movie theatre.”



“I work at a movie theater and someone asked if we sold popcorn as a first batch was popping.”



”¬†I work at a movie theater and one time someone found a bra in a theater.”