The Most Luxurious And Expensive Cars Owned By WWE Stars


Life becomes easy when you have millions in your bank account. Money is one of the most important aspects of life and when you have millions of money in your bank account or you start to earn a lot of money, there are certain items that you want to purchase and then showcase it infront of the world. A big house, luxurious cars and advanced gadgets are some of them. Among these, nothing screams riches more than luxurious and expensive cars.


Here, we bring you most exotic and expensive cars owned by the WWE stars, who are very popular because of this sport. Have a look:

1.The Rock:


Dwayne Johnson or The Rock was a household name and everyone knew his name when it came to pro-wrestling. But he didn’t just limit himself into pro wrestling, he went ahead and explored himself and stared in many blockbuster movies. His net worth is around $220 millions. With a net worth like this, he can purchase any luxurious and expensive car he wants. The Rock’s fovorite is the 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, with that, he also owns a truct custom pickup by Ford.

2. John Cena:

John Cena is the most popular WWE stars till date. He has a huge fan following. Over all these years, John Cena has become a brand of his own. John Cena brought his first car when he was only 14 years old. He has an awesome collection of cars including the InCENArator which is a custom car designed by Parker Brothers Concepts.

3. Seth Rollins:


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Seth Rollins is the latest member in WWE family. It’s been only couple of years since he entered in WWE world but he gained a huge fan following, a huge name for himself and a lot of money too! Seth spends millions on luxurious cars he buys for himself. Although he lives his life away from all the limelight and attention but he is spending his money quite wisely on himself.

4. Batista:

Before he made it big with Guardian of Galaxies, he was widely popular in WWE world. He nailed every performance of his with earning a huge name, popularity and money. He has a huge collection of car which includes includes a Mercedes SL 500, a Hummer H2 and a Lamborghini Murcielago.

5. Triple H :

Do we need to give any introduction here? He was hell famous. He was one of the founding members of the DX. Although he has now moved away from wrestling world, although not completely, he is now into management by which his bank balance is increasing day by day like ever before. Triple H only has high-end cars in his collection like Mercedes and BMW, which he continuously updates when the company launches any new updated model.

6. Bill Goldberg:

Goldberg is another WWE legend. Apart from his wrestling schedule, Goldberg spends his time modifying and maintaining vintage muscle cars. His most impressive possession is a 1970 Superboss 429 Mustang. Which is a very rare and expensive car.


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