The List Of Safest States In India Has Been Announced . How Safe Is Your City?


According to the first ever gender vulnerability index, Indian capital Delhi is not at all safe for women. Prepared by the Plan India, this research is one of a kind.  It takes into consideration education, health, poverty and protection against violence as parameters of the challenges women face.


This nuanced report was released by the women and child development ministry yesterday. States were given a ranking from 0 to 1, while states with ranks closer to 1 are most safe, states closer to 0 are those women should avoid to travel to.

The national average of safety in this case is 0.5314. Goa is the safest state in India according to this report with GVI of 0.656. Goa leads this ranking as it is fifth in education, sixth in health and survival, eighth in poverty and most importantly, first in first in protection.

Another state of the south of India, Kerala has also performed well. They are second in this ranking with GVI of 0.634 and have made remarkable achievements in the field of health.

While Delhi, Bihar and UP are right in the bottom, Bihar is last in the list with worst performances in all the parameters. Their GVI is 0.410. The report brings some staggering numbers into light. #9% of girls are married off in Bihar before they even reach legal age of marriage. What is more worrying is, 12% of the girls in the age group of 15-19 are pregnant or have already given birth to children.

Sikkim is in 4th position while Punjab is 8th with low scores in poverty. The situation in the capital of the country is not much better either. It has a GVI rating of only 0.436 as it is far behind in education and protection that other states. This is a very worrying sign for the capital as it shows safety of women is it’s least priority.