Rahul Gandhi Asked PM Modi How Much Money Did He Bring Back From Switzerland. Twitterati Gave Some Hilarious Replies


Narendra Modi, returned back to India on Wednesday after his address at the annual summit of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. PM Modi gave his first speech at the World Economic Forum’s summit, it was also the first speech by any Indian Prime Minister in 20 years.


Rahul Gandhi, who is now the President of Congress party took a dig at Narendra Modi. Through his tweet he tried to remind Narendra Modi about the promise to bring back black money back to India. Here’s what he tweeted:


The tweet read:
“Dear PM, Welcome back from SWITZERLAND. Quick reminder about your promise on BLACK MONEY. Youth in India were wondering if you got any back with you in your plane?,

Twitteratis went crazy after Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, there were mixed reactions, here’s how twitterattis reacted:

It’s not the first time that Rahul Gandi has took to Twitter to took a dig at Narendra Modi. On Tuesday,Rahul Gandhi asked Narendra Modi to highlight as to why only 1 percent of Indian rich holds more than 73 percent of country’s wealth. He had also tagged a news report. He tweeted:

The tweet read:

“Dear PM, Welcome to Switzerland! Please tell DAVOS why 1% of India’s population gets 73% of its wealth? I’m attaching a report for your ready reference,”


Although at the World Economic Forum (WEF), Narendra Modi gave a wonderful speech and won accolades from the fellow leaders present at the meet, everyone said that he spoke like a Global spokesman. He highlighted the case for eliminating rifts and differences to build a new world order, as he flagged the rising threat of protectionism. Narendra Modi also pitched for India as an investment destination, he said:

“We have made it so easy to invest in India, manufacture in India and work in India. We have decided to uproot licence and permit Raj. We are replacing red tape with red carpet,”

Rahul Gandhi has always been critical about Narendra Modi’s abroad trips and has always accused, PM Modi of failing to deliver the promises he made.

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