Only A Genius Can Solve These Mysteries. Do You Want To Give It A Try?


As children , we used to play many mind boggling games like riddles , crossword and of course spot the difference . Before the era of internet , spot the difference pics used to get published in magazines and newspapers .


Childhood is the best phase in a man/woman’s life and when we have a chance to bring it back in fragments , who would want to miss out .?? Right ??!!

People enjoy funny challenges . Spot the difference pictures are not only good for fun but , it can increase our patience and our power of observation to significant levels .


We never get tired of riddles . Our brain likes to play things that lets it spread out . Spot the Differences makes us addictive and sometimes it makes us go crazy when we are unable to solve the tough ones .

Now , before we run into spot the differences , let us warm up with some other types of visual riddles .

Look at the picture given below very carefully . Is it messing with your brain ? Of course it is since it is an optical illusion.

Guy: Four planks it is blindo!!

Girl: no, its 3 you dumbhead!!

By now , you have realized that the above pic is too confusing to reach a conclusion . Its drawn in a way which gives you the impression of 3 planks if seen from one side , and 4 planks if seen from another .

Now , let us look at the pic of this elephant given below..Find anything disturbing ?? Yeah that’s right ! It feels like the elephant has eight legs .

If you observe more closely , you’ll see that the only foot that can be confirmed as the elephant’s one is the back leg . I am still confused with this one

Lets get going with Spot the Difference pics now.

Are you a fan of The Beatles ? The riddle below is based on the album cover of Abbey Road . This one is challenging especially for those who are not  beatles fans . Spot five differences between these two pics .

Here they are : The house behind the tree in the front , the lamp post behind the black car , the third road divider mark front , Paul McCartney’s shoes , cigaret in Paul’s hands .

Now take a look at the pic below . We see parts of a machine with a measurement unit attached . Find any difference between the two pics. Take your observation and draw it to the bottom of the pic .

See the difference ?? Yes , there are seven bolts on the green mechanism of the first pic while there are five bolts in the 2nd one

Wow Mona Lisa !! ?? You might have seen this classic art piece a thousand times . But did you look at it carefully!! ?? The riddle below is not as easy as it looks .

The difference is the patch . The first one has a darker patch while the second one has a lighter

This is a tough one . I know you have started counting the number of planets or the stars .

However , the difference is the size of the hole , located at the front of the spaceship .

Aah! Big Ben right??

Take a closer look The clocks are showing different times as well as there is a plane in the sky of the first pic .

This is the easiest one so far .

Yes ! the tree branches

A famous painting by Salvador Dali .

The difference is that the 1st pic has got  mouse hole painted in the bottom right corner

Disneyland ! the happiest place on earth . You see all the disney characters in a group photo . Dont look at the castles or the background for differences .

The difference is the left ear on Mickey Mouse .


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