So many times, while scrolling down our news feeds, we came across so many pictures of our friends or celebrities or bloggers travelling to different places and the first thought that comes to the mind is “Wow, I wish I could also travel like that.” 


But what if we tell you, you can actually travel with no money. No, we are not joking or anything. However, it seems impossible but it is not. To travel without money is possible but for that you will have to come out of your comfort zone and prepare yourself mentally for the same.


Here, we bring you some basic mantras for travelling without money :

  1. You don’t really need to be brave, just courage is enough to start with your travel journey.
  2. You don’t need to be rich to travel.
  3. Three basic needs for travelling- Accommodations, transportation and misc. expenses.

The most important rule to be taken care of is to minimize the basic needs of travelling it will automatically become a cheap travel, which you have never even imagined.

The following are the methods by which you can cut down the basic needs:

Hitchhiking :

We all have always seen this in movies and some of you might have done this. Hitchhiking is the way to travelling by getting free lifts from passing vehicles. But it can be risky but it is the most adventurous way of travelling. So, in order to make hitchhiking less riskier for you, we bring you some important rules:

  • First step is to get out of cities, villages or wherever you live.
  • Stick up your thumb and ask for lift, just like in the above picture.
  • Don’t hitchhike during nights as it can be very risky.
  • Talk to the person driving when you are in the car as it is the only way to pay them by telling them your stories. Be a good co-traveler.
  • Don’t expect that everyone will stop for you and will give you lift.
  • No matter how long you wait, your right ride will come. Be patient.


It might not be totally free if you don’t have a cycle. This way of travelling is cheaper, healthier and adventurous.


This way of travelling requires a little hard-work. But a little hard work in exchange of travelling is always worth it.Thousands of establishments from all across the world are waiting for travelers like you to come and volunteer their farms, retreats, hostels and for their organizations in exchange of free place for resting and board. If you have some money saved for your travelling, this is the best way to enhance your trip.

We have told you about how to make your transportation cheaper but now we will tell you methods to make your accommodations cheaper,have a look.

Couch Surfing:

No you don’t have to take your couches along with you on your trips but instead it is temporarily living in the homes of local friends or people you know. It is not just a cheaper way of accommodation but also a great way of exchanging cultures and values. It allows you to have a different perspective.


If you have your own tents, this is the best way of accommodation. You can sleep wherever you want. You won’t have any host, you will be the master of your own stay and sleep. If you are a nature lover, this is the best option to go for.


The organisations around the world are looking for travelers like you to volunteer in their work, farms and retreats in exchange of accommodations. This is the best way for all those who are scared of camping.


This is yet another best way of living for free in exchange for taking care of someone’s property or pets. If you are lucky enough, you might get a chance to stay in a villa or 3BHK with a garden view.Many travelers chose this way for free accommodation and cheaper traveling.

Now we will tell you ways to reduce miscellaneous expenses while travelling


Instead of eating out in big restaurants or food chains, buy food from super markets. You can even cook food with your hosts and enjoy meals on streets. This is cheap and affordable and unique.

Dumpster Driving:

Supermarkets throws more than 40-50% of food that has been produced. A lot of people have a problem with this, so they go to Supermarkets at the closing hours and buy all the food at very cheap rates.


When it comes to boozing, avoid drinking at bars and restaurants and prefer drinking in parks. You’ll have to save money for this for a very long time.

We have told you the ways now it’s your turn to walk on the way. Happy Travelling 🙂

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