Meet The Lesser Known Sons Of Famous Indian Comedy Actors


Many a star driven film’s script less candor has been carried on comedians’ and supporting cast’s able shoulders. These actors often have a much more complex job to do than stars- It is harder to make the audience laugh or cry than acting heroic and brooding handsomely.  

Their financial disparity is compensated by the admiration and love the practitioners of the absurd have been receiving from the audience throughout the ages. But like star kids, even the kids of comedy actors follow their parents’ footsteps, but they don’t always click or often they either shun the limelight all together or go into a different field in show business itself.


Here we look at some comedy actors whose sons couldn’t reach fame or in some cases chose not to be there at all.

Sikandar Khan and Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher has ranged his career with comedic and serious roles and aced them all, in the process has bagged for himself numerous awards and the love of audience. But his step son Sikandar Kher did not achieve the same success and love. His debut did not go well, but he himself was not reviewed aversely. But his subsequent career has seen very few films and most of them supporting roles.


Aditya Rawal and Paresh Rawal

Paresh Rawal is a star. His association with Priyadarshan has given Bollywood many classics like Hera Pheri. And Although his son, Aditya Rawal, may not be easily recognized as an actor, but he has made his father proud with his directing and writing roles both in India and Abroad. He has written Paresh Rawal’s most famous film in recent times, OMG.

Sarfaraz Khan and Kader Khan

Kader Khan is a versatile actor who has done numerous roles other than humor and also a writer. He is one of the most recognizable faces of the 80s and 90s Bollywood. His son Sarfaraz Khan though has only done supporting roles, most prominently in Salman Khan movies like Wanted and Tere Naam.

Jasraj Bhatti and Jaspal Bhatti

Jaspal Bhatti had not only introduced a new brand of satire in television but successfully carried it through. He was more recognizable in television than in Cinema. His son Jasraj Bhatti couldn’t make his mark in acting, and tragically Jaspal Bhatti died in an accident before he could see the launching of his son in a movie.


Yashvardhan Ahuja and Govinda

Govinda was one the actors, who was a star yet excelled in comedy. And excelled would be an understatement for the actor, with amazing comic timing and true versatility. But his son is a subtle and patient individual; he began not with acting but by assisting directors and also learned filmmaking properly in a film school. We have to wait and watch his debut.

Jesse Lever and Johnny Lever

Johnny Lever is one of the best comedians of Bollywood and has carved out a niche for himself during the past decades. He has received both awards and controversies with his work. His son Jesse Lever though, is known for his one role in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam.  Although these days he is back in news after reinventing himself, we have to see now where he goes from here.  

Ashok Saraf and Aniket Saraf

Ashok Saraf has a unique subtle comedy style and has proved himself great in both cinema and Television, and also he is a star in Marathi Cinema. He does roles even in the present cinema, with his recent notable presence in the movie SIngham. His son Aniket though has kept complete distance from limelight and avoids prominence even in Facebook and Twitter.


Govardhan Asrani and Naveen Asrani

Nasrani made his presence felt even in the new you tube age by acting in TVF’s online hit shows. He was a well known actor who other than his many legendary comedic roles, also acted as the protagonist in Gujrati Cinema. But his son maintained complete distance from show business; he practices as a Dentist in Gujrat.