Meet Mansa Musa, The Richest King Of All Time. His Estimated Net Worth Was Over $400 Billion


There are over 1,500 billionaires across the world right now.In 2017, Amazon’s CEO became the richest man of the world. In 2016 & 2015, Bill Gates was the richest man in the world but still none of them have been the richest man of all time.


African King Musa Keita I, also known as Mansa Musa is thought to be the richest person of all time. He was richer than anyone can ever imagine.

With a fortune estimated to be worth $400 billion dollars, he was literally richer than any human on this planet, till date. His fortune was incomprehensible.
Mansa Musa 1 was the 10th Mansa, which means King.In the 13th century, Mansa Musa ruled West Africa’s Malian Empire. He has also ruled the parts of modern-day  Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, and Chad. His land was laden with lucrative natural resources, most notably gold.
Going by the evidences, the King made money by exploiting the country. After his death, his heirs were unable to hang on to the fortune.
After Mansa Musa was crowned as the king, he expanded the borders of his territory and his empire stretched about 2000 miles. Clearly, it wasn’t all about the ‘money for Musa, it was all about power.
 He annexed the city of Timbuktu by building mosques, schools, and a major university. The mosques he built, some of them are still standing strong.

“Chroniclers describe an entourage of tens of thousands of soldiers, civilians and slaves, 500 heralds bearing gold staffs and dressed in fine silks, and many camels and horses bearing an abundance of gold bars”


Once in Cairo, Mansa Musa donated so much money to the poor that he caused mass inflation! It took years for the city to fully recover from the currency crisis.

Needless to say, His extravagant journey of life marked him forever on the map.

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