Here’s Why Bourbon Biscuits Have Tiny Holes In Them


The rectangular-shaped chocolate cookies is just next to heaven because of it’s impeccable taste. That chocolate inside those two delicious chocolate cookies are so mouthwatering. No one has ever raised any questions about Bourbon biscuits, well, no one got any reasons to raise question. I mean who doesn’t love Bourbon biscuits?


But although there’s one thing we all have wondered while indulging ourselves in these cookies.This question must have raised in everyone’s mind that,the holes in bourbon biscuits are just for show-off purpose or they have something else to do with it?


Agree or not, you have thought of this atleast one time while eating this biscuits. As there are many biscuits which do not have holes in them like Good Day biscuits, Jim Jam etc.
Well, if you have then we have an answer for you.

Going by the reports of Independent, the team manager at McVities, Mark Greenwell appeared on Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped and answered this question, which was on everyone’s mind, why there are holes in biscuits like Bourbon and there are no holes in others. Well, there is a pretty good reason and it is important for the taste of the biscuits.

“If the holes weren’t there, steam would build up inside the biscuits. The biscuit would collapse back down and you wouldn’t have a controllable product,” he told host Kate Quilton.

“You’re trying to get steam out of the biscuits to have an even texture.” 


Not just that, she went on further and also explained why other biscuits don’t have holes in them. She said:

“Because the steam stays inside the biscuits, the trapped heat caramelises the sugar,” Quilton explains.“The sugar becomes a glass like structure, like you find in a boiled sweet, and that’s what gives a ginger nut its characteristic snap.”

Now, when we finally have answers to all our questions, we can finally eat our Bourbon cookies with peace!

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