Here’s What Your Moles Say About Your ‘Romance Life’


Do you know those tiny beauty marks aka moles on your body are not just only to enhance your beauty but can actually tell interesting things about your sex life.

Well, according to Kamasutra, the placement of moles on certain body parts is actually a sign of high sensuality.

Here, we bring you a list of some facts that will make you understand the importance of having moles on certain parts of your body.Have a look:

1. A Mole On Pinkie Finger:

A mole on Pinkie finger is a bad news for you. It is an indication of some serious vani dosh and indicates separation from near and dear ones especially your partner.

2. A mole below or around the thumb:

A mole around or below the thumb indicates problems with digestive system, people who have this mole tend to be disinterested in their relationship and sex life and face difficulty in travelling.

3. A mole on the side of the nose:

People who have a mole on the side of the nose are very blessed. This mole is a sign of having a cordial relationship with your spouse and it is also an indication of an eternal bond.

4. A mole above the upper lip:

People with a mole above their upper lip are believed to have high sex drive. According to Shastra, this position indicates the presence of God of sexuality.

5. A mole near the marriage line on palm:

People having a mole near the marriage line on palm should be careful in his/her marriage and love relationships where one may experience some obstacles. Also people with this mole must be careful with stomach related health problems.

6. A mole on the nose:

People having a mole on the nose are considered to be very flirtatious. People with this mole need to control the way they use their charm to enthrall people.

7. A mole above the eye:

People having a mole above the eye are great in bed.These people will never let you down and will perform more than your expectations.

8. A mole on the genital part:

People having a mole on their genital part, tend to lose libido way too easily, but according to Kamasutra, these people have a great sex life.

9. A mole on the thigh:

People having moles on thigh are masters of sex and their libido can never be matched with anyone. They are a great performer in bed.

10. A mole on the thumb:

A mole on the thumb is a representation of sensuousness.The people having a mole on the thumb are tend to have multiple sex partners.

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