Here’s The Reason Why Girls Crave For Chocolates During Their Periods


Bad day at work or a tiff with a friend or even a break-up with boyfriend, chocolates never fails to heal our hearts. Chocolate is always there as our shoulder to cry on, you know what? Chocolate is our best friend, it never leaves us when we actually needs them the most, when we are depressed or feeling low. It lights up our mood instantly.

Especially on those days of the month, when we struggling with excruciating cramps and mood swings during our periods. Chocolates turns out to be out secret doctors as well.

Honestly speaking, there will be hardly girl out there, who does not crave for chocolates during her period days.But have you ever wondered why? Why do we crave for chocolate in those days of the month?

Well, here’s the secret:

“Our hormonal changes during the days leading up to your menstrual cycle leave us feeling stressed and tired, which we try to eradicate by indulging in our favourite comfort foods,” explains Melanie McGrice, an advanced accredited practicing dietician from Australia, in her blog post.

“This ends up creating a cycle by which we crave high fat and sugar foods when we get our period every month,” she adds.

Understood? No, well let me explain you this in simpler words. Girls, our body is as complicated as us. In the initial days of our periods, the level of our, progesterone(the pregnancy-maintaining hormone) and estrogen( the female sex hormone), drops and because of that we start feeling hungry.

On the other hand, Serotonin(the mood-regulator of the body) also decreases giving rise to mood swings and all that sadness during periods.

Don’t worry, not every hormone drops in your body during periods, some increases too, like the cortisol(stress hormone).

With all this sadness, mood-swings, and hunger what else can a person turn to? Chocolate, hence the craving.

Well it’s not just your hormones are to be blamed but your habit of letting chocolate rescue whenever you feel down, too is responsible for the craving for this sugary wonder.

“After reviewing the current research, I believe that craving chocolate before our period is a mixture of physiology, psychology and cultural conditioning,” McGrice concludes.

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